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Alex recital (1)

uploaded: Sat, Mar 7, 2009 @ 11:20 PM
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Every year my parents get together with five friends at a fancy restaurant to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. The six Hungarians never fail to completely verbally overpower my Dad so this year, on February 1st, on his 93rd birthday he announced “Every year, you folks always yell over me - well this year, you’re going to shut up and I’m going to have my say.”

For the next hour he regaled them with poems and songs he recited and sang in Hungarian, Italian, French, German and English. All from memory, most of which he had learned (and remembered) from before he was 20.

As the table sat stunned by the performance, for an encore, he launched into a 7 minute recital of an classic Hungarian poem he had learned in school 75 years ago. This upload is that encore piece as recorded by a crufty, low-on-battery portable cassette player. You can hear the table explode when he finished with even an English “unbelievable” thrown in.

A few days later he checked into the hospital because he was complaining of pain throughout his body and he was having trouble breathing. I was in Hawaii when I got the call and I flew to California to be with him and help out my Mom. The initial scare is over but the whole thing has left him very weak while still getting strong meds a month later in the hospital. The doctors are hopeful that he can come home and resume a slowed down version of his, until now, very active life.

I know the recording is extremely poor quality, but if a couple of you could make a nice bedding/remix it would be my pleasure to play it for him.

"Alex recital (1)"
by fourstones

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