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A Girl Thing

uploaded: Sun, May 20, 2007 @ 2:55 PM
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After several years of faithful service my audio hardware fried out and I’m left with nothing but my PC’s speakers.

I was halfway through this piece when it all came crashing down. I managed to borrow an MBox mini so I could at least get a render of the project because it’s hard to say how long it will be before I’m back up and running (hey! remember as admin I can see you cheering…).

I have never heard this mix through speakers and while I value the insightful feedback I’m bound to get there’s not much I’ll be able to do about it for a while.

I was really looking forward to finishing this thing and figured I could even get some kind of message out there about “coming together over music and poetry” but at this point I’m happy I even got the thing to render to mp3.

"A Girl Thing"
by fourstones

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