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Tu Tu (Hindi)

uploaded: Tue, Jan 10, 2017 @ 6:00 PM last modified: Tue, Jan 10, 2017 @ 6:02 PM  (add)
byVibhu Tewary
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I did this recording live, but i didn’t have the vocals seperately, so i’ve recorded a new vocal recording to share here as a Pell… Its not the same recording as when i was singing and playing the guitar, but one that i did trying to match the speed of singing while listening to the initial guitar/vocal recording…

Do let me know if this is discouraged, I’ll retract the upload..

TL;DR: The pell is an after recording (without guitar)

English Translation:

Hey there! Hey there! What is that you’re asking me of?
Talking strangely, trying to get my destiny to tweak?

Today even, we haven’t heard, of the people, who our customers…
I made it to an Entrepreneur, but that was only, mouse oriented…

Empty mind is a devil’s workshop..
Is a proverb in English my friend…

Now don’t you say “You You You”.. I’ve become a Sir myself…


Arrey yaar!!! Arrey yaar!!! Mugh sae yeh kya karva rahae ho?
Baatein ajeeb see, iss gareeb ka naseeb accha karva rahae ho??

Aaj bhi woh log nahi ayaee, jinsae humae salary milti hae…
Hum entreprenuer tho ban gayae, liken woh sab siraf mouse chala kae..

Empty mind is a devils workshop
Yeh English mein ek kahavat hae

Ab tu tu na kare.. Hum ban chukae ek sahab hae!!

"Tu Tu (Hindi)"
by Vibhu Tewary

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