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No Sympathy (For The Unvaccinated)

uploaded: Sun, Sep 12, 2021 @ 3:27 AM
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I recently received a copy/paste email from a friend who had received it from one of his friends asking for prayers for her son who’s currently suffering horribly from covid. She didn’t mention whether or not he had been vaccinated but, according to science, there’s a ninety five percent chance he hadn’t. That email triggered this song.

Mind you - I’m not proud of the way I feel on this. I wish I could be more Christ-like about it, but… I’m not.
Also, as I would hope would be obvious, none of this pertains to those who cannot get vaxxed, only those who choose not to.

Thanks again to Javolenus for the guitar track to sing to.

I have no sympathy for the unvaccinated
as they lie in their hospital bed intubated

I honor their choice to risk family and friends
and congratulate them all on their ill-chosen ends

It seems an odd choice from my point of view
but that isn’t really fair since I have an IQ

I’d rather go peacefully when my time comes
they choose to suffer horribly to protect their ‘freedoms’

And let’s take out granny let’s gift her the virus
so you can go maskless out drinking with Cyrus
who went to the rally with hundreds of others
who then all went home to kill other folks brothers
you may not have meant to but you killed them anyway
it’s your god given right, the american way
Willful ignorance works as the wise realize
it works for the con-men spewing out lies
So keep being free independent and proud
keep killing off voters of the conservative crowd

Don’t ask me to pray for your uncaring son
He made his choice and it can’t be undone

Go ahead call me out for shaming his death
We’ll all be better off when he takes his last breath

All it would have taken is a shot in the arm
Now there’s one less moron to do us all harm

"No Sympathy (For The Unvaccinated)"
by Speck

2021 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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