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A Sunny Weekend In Suburbia

uploaded: Sun, Jun 10, 2018 @ 4:28 AM last modified: Sun, Jun 10, 2018 @ 4:29 AM  (add)
FeaturingStefan Kartenberg
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Just having some fun with Stefan Kartenberg’s happy little instrumental.

A Sunny Weekend In Suburbia

One neighbor is mowin’
Another neighbor’s dog is goin’
nuts about a bicycle
riding past his post

He is less tolerant than most
He thinks he’s protecting his host

This is summer in suburbia
This is how it feels
It’s a weekend in suburbia
people in their driveways washing their wheels

A sunny day in suburbia
this is how it sounds
Greet your neighbors in suburbia
and howdy also to the postman on his rounds

The girl next door is such a fox
I wonder if she has good locks

Later this morning
I’ll be going to the stores
Gotta do the food shopping
and various other chores

I have a list of what I need
Please don’t forget to get birdseed

This is summer in suburbia
This is how it feels
A sunny weekend in suburbia
people in their driveway
waxin’ up their wheels

And they’re not certain what they feel
For what percentage is this real

A lovely weekend in suburbia
with all it’s scents and sounds
Enjoy your pastimes in suburbia
‘cause Monday’s comin’ round

Maybe if I’m lucky
there’ll be time for a car show
or maybe a festival of arts and crafts
or maybe my neighbor will come over I don’t know

Someday I might just make my move
I’d like to get up in that groove

"A Sunny Weekend In Suburbia"
by Speck

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