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Supernovas Of Nothingness

uploaded: Sun, May 21, 2017 @ 5:15 AM
Featuringpenston, visan.Ambient, Just a Product, MC Jack in the Box, Pitx, PorchCat, Project 1, Fujimo, Matlock_Mason, Stab, c_scraper, robwalkerpoet
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I was searching for something (don’t remember what) when I noticed how many songs there are with the word nothing in the title. Thought I’d see if I could make something out of a bunch of them. Working title was Something From Nothing, until I found robwalkerpoet’s vocal. The only other samples I can really credit with any specificity (a lot is taken from full mixes) are in the intro/outro - Prelude To Nothing by Stab and the lead guitar in the second half by Fujimo.

"Supernovas Of Nothingness"
by Speck

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