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Sugar In Your Honey

uploaded: Fri, Apr 28, 2017 @ 3:24 AM last modified: Fri, Apr 28, 2017 @ 3:25 AM  (add)
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Just a quick little ditty about the day to day challenge of proper nutrition.
Music by unreal_dm.
There is also a slower/quieter version of the pella in the zip (maybe good for something more folk/acoustic like).

When you say tree nuts
do you mean everything but peanuts
and why can’t you just say that

n poly by golly
are you another folly
can you unsaturate my fat

How big’s a gram of sugar
Is it bigger than a booger
We aren’t taught metric so how’m I s’posed to know

There’s 39 in a soda
and even though I’m no Yoda
far far away from that I’ll go

When you say organic
you put my wallet in a panic
A tenner for a pint of berries oh my lord

Why should my nutrition
come with the condition
I can only eat as well as I can afford

It’s been years since my last muffin
I’m almost down to nuffin
If you ask my weight I don’t have to lie

I eat fish and I’ve stopped puffin’
turkey maybe but no stuffin’
But I’m pretty sure I’m still gonna die

Will you help me control
my epicurean desires
When I’m burnin’ for a brownie
will you help put out the fire

It takes so much self-discipline
The grocery store’s incredible
about 500 items
for every one that’s edible

It’s all about what they can sell
and not about what they should
It’s all about corporate profits
and not about what’s good

Good for you is not good for them
Obesity makes them money
Believe me if they could
they’d put sugar in your honey

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"Sugar In Your Honey"
by Speck

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