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Season of Scare

uploaded: Mon, Oct 26, 2020 @ 2:34 PM last modified: Mon, Oct 26, 2020 @ 2:37 PM  (add)
byMichael Burnz
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i heard Dysfunction_AL’s beat for this contest and it was so fun and so awesome i wanted to write to it. it feels like a walk thru a haunted mansion so thats where i can from with it…i also uploaded a version with that music, slowed down a bit.
i slowed it down a bit and here ya go ! I in no way support the occult , devil worship or any such. this was just a fun project that took me back to being a teenager at Halloween. have fun !
Ghost goblins and ghouls oh my
coffins a creaking what’s creeping inside/ its onlt the dark, try not to fear/ they smell it a mile away then they appear/ as the fog covers the streets and the lights/ it’s Thriller come once again Bumps in the night/ creepie crawlies / alien nest/ i feel my heart jumping out of my chest / it’s all in ur mind and you feel the chills racing like mice down ur spine/ is that you’re shadow or mine/ cuz im walking but the steps don’t align.
Verse 2
enter the room of enchanted doom / where spirits play happily under the moon/ skeletons dance/ singing their tune/ zombies in stitches with witches on brooms / it’s Halloween , its not as it seems say it’s a dream ( echos ) it’s not a dream/ devilish frights will play with your mind / how things can just vanish from 1 place in time / it’ll be fine it’ll be fine/ are the walls moving you can’t trust your eyes!

wonderful magic will play with ur mind/ princes and pirates and things undefined/ scary things, hairy things, things with big eyes/ things in disguise and things that can fly

"Season of Scare"
by Michael Burnz

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