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Take Me

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National Library of Australia
“Take Me” (1924) by Australian composer Jack Lumsdaine (1895-1948) copyright clearance by clicking ‘check copyright’ at the source.

Synthetic piano
synthetic uke on the vocal staff
transcribed with software.
Re-kindled romance.

If you can suggest a more appropriate host for this stuff, I am all ears.

Just a long long year since last we met
All my resolutions were in vain
You have broken down my foolish pride dear
so I’m going to ask you again

Take me with you when it’s twilight
Take me where the shadows fall
Take me down that winding pathway
Take me where the night birds call
Tho’ we’ve difted far apart dear
sunshine always follows after rain
So sing to me loves old sweet song at twilight
and take me in your arms again

No-one knows just how much I missed you
How I’ve cried and sighed for you each day
Now the sadness all has changed to gladness
dark clouds have all faded away


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"Take Me"
by economix

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