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The Prince Of Nothing

uploaded: Mon, Sep 30, 2019 @ 2:18 AM
byHEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
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A tiny poem/fairytale I wrote that was inspired by a 2017 visit to the beautiful fjords of Flam, a short plane flight over the sweeping Norwegian landscape, an undying mad affair for fairytales and a then surging urgency to run from Everything and perhaps find something in Nothing…

Many thanks to Onlymeith and Madame Snowflake for their most agreeing musical piece to company my words.

The narration vocal was uploaded as part of the Beauty Of Perspective event and you can download it here - [url=][/url]

The Prince Of Nothing
by Hektor Thillet

The prince was running on the fjords of Flam all the way to Eidfjord. He ran and ran over Norwegian plains and mountains, over the here and what’s yond! He ran so fast, the wind couldn’t catch him.

“Ahoooy!!!” Howled the Northern Wind; for it was the wind of the north. “Where are you running?!!! What have you lost?!!!” asked the curious wind.

“I am looking for Nothing! Have you met it? Have you seen it? Have you been?” replied the Norse prince, out of breath. His blue trousers and ivory threadings stained in squished wild berries.

“Nothing here, young prince!” answered back the North Wind, something absent minded. “Where? Where here? Would you take me to it? Oh mighty God of the Northern Wind! Oh I beg you, please! Have mercy on this withering royal shrub that I’ve become, please.” begged and whimpered the prince, anxious and mad.

He looked a wretch, the poor runaway. His long golden locks were split and tangled in sea weed and rose thorns. His fair complexion and rosy cheeks covered in mud. Only two giant blue eyes, like a river that was being flushed down into the demonic throat of the Frog king himself, brightly shone out what seemed to be their last storage of heavenly light.

“Why do you seek this rare treasure?” asked now a more curious North Wind.

“I’ve had Everything! I’ve seen Everything! I’ve become Everything… For I am Everything.” bewailed the prince with tears of sorrow.

And then the North Wind blew him away to Nothing.

"The Prince Of Nothing"
by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)

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