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Lost & Found Zip Collection

uploaded: Fri, Nov 1, 2019 @ 1:17 PM
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I recently discovered an old CD Rom fallen behind a bookcase. On it were many “pellas” done for CC.Mixter some going back to 2005. Here is selection:
1. 27 female names sung 2. Ah Men 3. Be Washed By the Rain 4. Bredon Hill (poem by A.E. Housman) 5. Ophelia’s Mad Song (from Hamlet) 6. I Love Heavy Metal (sung in the style of a 20th century Art-Song) 7.Last of England 8. Lips 9. Mother O Mother (Chant - 2 sets different keys) 10. Lost in a German City (German Expressionism Art Song) 11. One Eye Open says Enough 12. One Loved Her Two (Helen of Troy Song) 13. Sooty Godhead/ To Vulcan ( Robert Herrik Elizabethan poem)14. Random Word Generator words sung (totally experimental) 15. The Gods Are Dead (1920s experimental music by Amon Rowley) 16. The Water is Wide (Traditional)
So 15 songs plus one to grow on…………….

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /excavated Pellas for CC Mixter/27 girls names sung.mp3 (1.85MB)
  • /excavated Pellas for CC Mixter/Ah Men.mp3 (2.12MB)
  • /excavated Pellas for CC Mixter/Be Washed By The Rain (best pella).mp3 (2.78MB)
  • /excavated Pellas for CC Mixter/Bredon hill pella with 3 part harmony.mp3 (1.96MB)
  • /excavated Pellas for CC Mixter/hamlet and ophelia mad song.mp3 (1.18MB)
  • /excavated Pellas for CC Mixter/I Love Heavy Metal.mp3 (1.68MB)
  • /excavated Pellas for CC Mixter/Last of England pella.mp3 (2.96MB)
  • /excavated Pellas for CC Mixter/lips.mp3 (1.18MB)
  • /excavated Pellas for CC Mixter/Lost in a G City 1a.mp3 (2.85MB)
  • /excavated Pellas for CC Mixter/Mother O Mother Chant.mp3 (936.56KB)
  • /excavated Pellas for CC Mixter/one eye open says enough pella (october).mp3 (2.49MB)
  • /excavated Pellas for CC Mixter/One loved her two mix.mp3 (2.26MB)
  • /excavated Pellas for CC Mixter/pastpresent sooty godhead.mp3 (2.39MB)
  • /excavated Pellas for CC Mixter/random word generator pella.mp3 (2.99MB)
  • /excavated Pellas for CC Mixter/The Gods acapella.mp3 (1.21MB)
  • /excavated Pellas for CC Mixter/wateriswided.mp3 (1.19MB)

"Lost & Found Zip Collection"
by Anchor

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