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Train of Thought

uploaded: Thu, Jul 7, 2011 @ 9:36 AM
byAbhi S.V.
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It’s been a LONG time since I’ve visited this site, and I’ve gotten much better in the meanwhile. I stepped away from remixing to start making my own original tracks - and voila, after 3 years I felt like uploading an acapella, cause the remixes on this site are DOPE. This one’s called Train of Thought. The original can be heard here:

Ayo I used to build blocks when I was drawing on the floors
draw on the walls with chalk but I’d have no chalkboard
I wasn’t bored / nah man my energy was raw
I guess I must have used it up because I have no more in store
My parents say it’s part of growing up / really
when the real world hit me I felt like throwing up
throwing up / like 2 girls and a cup
nah man that goes to show the worlds messed up
I miss the days when I could sit inside a box
paint it random colors and say it’s my house
but I look out my window and see rows of boring buildings
that look the same / it’s like the city is a prison
on a bright sunny day / the offices are grey
and so are the expressions on the faces of the weak
who will never ever smile even when they’re at a peak
because they’re losing all the love inside them slowly as we speak
We can’t go anywhere without our cellular phones
we keep them within close range even at home
the bars on your reception may provide you the connection
but the truth is they imprison your mind / that’s my perception
but that’s why I’m spittin these bars to perfection
to insert thoughts into your head like inception
and lift the weight off like lyrical benchpressing
I’m guessin that you’ve learnt from a mic-checkin lesson
now see the thing with me is that I can’t keep still
nowadays they’d diagnose that shit and give me bags of pills
but I don’t need medication to know my flows ill
nah public hospitals still gimme chills
but they’re just doing their jobs like everybody else
prioritizing human wealth over human health
that’s the same reason polar ice caps are melting
so rich CEOs can stack cash under their belts and
imagination is only used exactly when we need it
for financial purposes / yeah everyone’s deceiving
advertising agencies are so damn innovative
lets find new ways to sell sex / now that’s creative
they can’t legalize hookers but we know the truth
media corporations are just really prostitutes
you might get laid if you use pimple cream
they sell what you want man not what you need
now you’ve got the idea that love can be bought
with expensive cologne and the right shampoo
cosmetics point to pretty girls and say that should be you
sadly 90% of women think that’s the truth
when I was younger I wore clothes that didn’t match
I didn’t give a damn but now I’m into rap
people say remove your glasses / it’s all about the image
but I avoid that i’m not into the scrimage
I blame the educational systems and the curriculums designed
i also blame the schools for how they manage them inside
white walls grey tables white teachers but why?
many colors might distract and not focus your mind
a child’s intelligence is judged upon how they do tests
maybe with exams, they’re really not the best
and most of the assignments are hand in essays
so you grow up and work behind a desk someday
be somebody’s secretary / be your boss’s bitch
don’t do a single thing for yourself /work everyone’s shift
we’re birds planted in the ground and factory farmed
we lay eggs in the ground and keep society running non- stop
many of us will grow up and be menial workers
some of us might go up the food chain a little bit further
either way we’re all living for an undefined aim
a destination is invisible / what happens when we gain?
revolutionaries do we make a difference to the game?
or are we replaceable / basically we’re just the same
I always thought I’d grow up to be a scientist
but school taught me I’m too much of a dumb shit
are teachers teaching, or is it just a job?
sometimes it’s hard to tell between what is and what is not
yeah rich pastors tell me have faith in God
but faith in myself is the only way I’ll take a shot.

Hope you guys enjoy!

"Train of Thought"
by Abhi S.V.

2011 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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