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farina roba el show

uploaded: Wed, Oct 5, 2022 @ 12:57 AM
Featuringandrew franco, farina
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i’m back from dr bliss. she said she’s pregnant and having her baby in march. when i thought n@ughty things she flinched, so i don’t know if women can read minds. at least some can. we wore masks so she couldn’t read my facial expressions. anyway, i left her back in her little room where she listens to sad stories all day every day.

i told her about bentley records. the ones who made me an offer to send in demos. publicly on jamendo and not by mail. now i googled bentley records out of boredom. they are located at the world trade center on wall street in manhattan. on reddit i read some posts that they charge money to distribute music. as far as i got it all together in my drunken head, this is a publisher that works with clickbots.

against that speak the most famous faces that american black music has, like snoop dogg and others who supposedly worked with them. the posts of the indignant bedroom producers were from 2020. that means it’s not a hot knit scam website. because the faces of the celebrities are still there.

anyway, i shit on clickbots. and on snoop dogg. the smoking boomer.

what i want is an orgy with singers releasing their unknown songs with me and experiencing the end of the nuclear holocaust in a wild dance. until we all melt and i can look my goddess in the eyes.

by the way, tonight i dreamed of a religion teacher who wrote a test with my class. i was crapping out, but i fought to pass.

you know my name.:)

today is october 05, 2022. it is a wednesday. and sometimes on wednesdays i have an appointment with my psychologist dr bliss. like today. how it was, i will probably announce later.

this morning at 7 am central european time i outed myself on ccmixter as spanish understanding. yes i understood this upload from this morning. it was about some province in argentina and its agroindustrial, cultural and touristic fame in argentina. so a very banal commercial of a region in south america. be that as it may. the admins will delete the upload and with it my review.

in the last few days i have made three ccmixter remixes. through this myige enlightenment that i also understand spanish, i then decided this morning to remix a spanish song.

and since i’m often on tiktok and see various bedroom producers and celebrities like timbaland and mpc box producer jermaine dupri with their musical outpourings, i thought i’d make my one and only follower donnie ozone happy and make a typical tiktok fruity loops trap hiphop beat, like they are shared by the thousands on tiktok, and like they hardly ever happen on ccmixter. except that my beat was not made with fruity loops but with daw mixcraft, which is made for kids, and that i used samples which i then edited with sounddoctor my newest toy.

and now i ask the question that every little fl studio proucer asks after he has worked hard and produced an average trap beat:

which rapper can you imagine on the beat?

and since i’m not a producer hoping for a record deal to get into the various charts created by indian clickfarms and therefore pay attention to his beats. i’m releasing my beat with the rapper i can imagine very well on my beat, farina, for free.

as always.

"farina roba el show"
by Kristian

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