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sick as a dog

uploaded: Wed, Sep 28, 2022 @ 12:53 AM
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today is friday, september 30, 2022. i was drunk even yesterday. although i didn’t drink anything. but neuroleptics and alcohol do the rest.

i wrote in a review that i’m mad at jews because they are always the most persecuted and discriminated people on this planet. and they are all very successful and don’t eat alcohol and d1rty pigs. that’s how they are always portrayed in the media and in hollywood products.

why am i mad. because the jewish geriatric nurse has an israeli flag on her geriatric nurse company homepage. but that’s not the bad part. she made a 82 year old nazi son maybe his father was also a communist no idea anyway he is german so what did she do? she made a corpse desecration. she took an old german man’s credit card and stole the poor man’s savings of 14 thousand dollars. if it wasn’t for my mother, who confronted her and reported her…and my mother told me: how many other old people did the geriatric nurse rob like that? old people who are helpless and defenseless. who can’t defend themselves.

but unlike the christians, the jewish woman has nothing to fear. there is no hell in judaism. and the german judiciary will handle her with kid gloves. as befits germans.

what was my point with this infoblatt?

boomer hero schwarzenegger has signed the book of ausschwitz with the words: i’ll be back. he is stupid, schwarzenogger, but there is a difference between germanic and slavic people. as a slav, i would never post a hitler revival spell in the book of condolence of ausschwitz. that would be going too far for me. even if i were as stupid as blacknogger, as he is called in american.

today is september 29, 2022. it is a thursday. do you know that thursday comes from the germanic god thor. the thunder and weather god. also called donnar in southern germany.

yesterday an a+r scout contacted me on jamendo. he left a comment on a cheap song of mine.

i laughed at him publicly.

i’m listening to rockstar by post malone right now. this is one of the few songs i would have liked to hear in the rnb part of the dorian gray club at frankfurt airport back in the nineties.

and now i listen to the weeknd blinding lights. if i would have had this song in the nineties, when all superstars mastered their tracks so flat and tinny :)

today is wednesday, september 28, 2022. what do i do when californians are asleep? i drank two bottles of wine with cola from 10 am ( 1 am california time) until 12:30. then i was on tiktok. then i was on the funny p+rn sites. and as i scroll around i think to myself i have 120 dollars in cash flying around somewhere. so i go to the local prost1tutes page in my area that lists all the who5es in my neighborhood. and while i’m gawking at the whor3s with my alcohol and drug infested head, i think to myself, the last time you tasted meat was 5 years ago. and i pick one from my race. a white russian. i call her: do you have time? where are you? and she asks me: what country are you from? i say: croatia. and she says: ok in half an hour. i’m in that and that street. call me when you get there. no sooner said than done. i enter her apartment, rented from the p1mp, and see a 2 meter wide bed. she welcomes me in a red see-through n3gligee and black l1ngerie. on a narrow table is a tv and a microwave and a small pocket radio. i t@ke off my jogging pants and my hoodie. i sway a bit. she says. go slow. do you want to freshen up she asks me? i say yes and go into the bathroom. i haven’t showered in 3 days. but don’t forget dear readers: a tomcat never stinks. i come back and she is already n@ked. we start. i am completely drunk. we do the usual for3play. she g3ts on top of me. then she says g3t on top of me. i do it. impassively. in the background tina turners whats love got to do with it is playing from the little mono pocket radio. she mo@ns and then she says: i can’t t@ke it anymore. you’re too h3avy. we make out a b1t more and i end the tragedy. she asks me: what’s wrong? i say: i’ve been drinking. she smiles at me. i get dressed, examine the scorpion tattoo on her b@ckside and leave.

that was my adventure with prost1tute number 153.:)

i have tasted some warm meat and now i am calm for the time being.

and i can only say that this p1mping leads to nothing.

it is dull and boring. only the warmth of her b8dy is awesome.

today is wednesday, september 28, 2022. it is now nine o’clock in the morning central european time. nothing new in the news this morning. the americans have blown up nord stream 1 and 2. as trump said four years ago: it’s an outrage that germany is paying the russians billions for russian gas. or as biden said before the ukraine war in one of his bright moments: if russia invades ukraine, we will stop nordstream. and the reporter asks: how do you want to do that? nordstream is under the administration of the german government? and biden said: we have our means…

and the europeans now have to go begging to the arabs. france’s nuclear power plants are at a standstill because they have been neglected by french laissez faire. and because there is too little drinking water in the rivers to cool the nuclear power plants. half of the extremely precious drinking water in an industrialized country goes to cooling the power plants.

well, anyway, there’s nothing else new.

yesterday i uploaded this remix i’m uploading now on ccmixter, on audius and jamendo. and afterwards in my news aggregators in a computer games nerd magazine, i could read the thoughts of the young jamendo music intern nerd. her or his opinion about my remix:

this boomer shooter will pull your feet out. even if you’re not into boomer shooters, you absolutely have to try this. a lot of triple a blockbusters can take a leaf out of their book…

i bought non-essential food and drugs (cigarettes) for 30 dollars in the last two days to celebrate two days of drunkenness. one day is already over and today is the second. together with my 1000 dollar per month medication kindly provided by the german government, i will boost the red wine with cola.

I wish you a happy creation for today.

by the way i started the remix with debenedictis took some u2 chords and then the remix took on a life of its own.

what else should i say? nothing maybe i can think of something else…

my inspiration for this track, are the following tiktoks posted by germanic and slavic sl0ts who seek their salvation in relationships with muslim fckers who never leave the house without a knife and improve their livelihood from welfare with street business and their knife:

she: don’t get so upset.

him: wallah billah you make my hair fall out i swear on allah.

this is also called culture clash.

anyway, these interracial relationships that are celebrated on tiktok and that everyone laughs about were in my subconscious when i did this boomer shooter.

"sick as a dog"
by Kristian

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