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boss shit III

uploaded: Sun, Sep 25, 2022 @ 12:03 AM
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i was just on tiktok and there was this tiktok where chinese martial artists hit each other in the balls with their fists and bricks. old, young but also fat chinese martial artists hitting each other in the testicles with full force.

there was no comment yet, so i commented: chinese men are the strongest, the most attractive and the most efficient in reproduction in the world. i, on the other hand, am a delusional and leftover man in the eyes of chinese women.

chinese people understand this. a delusional man is one who mistakenly thinks that all women are in love with him and a leftover man in china is any man over 40 who is not yet married. in china, there is a surplus of men. (they did kill female children during the one child policy before and after they were born.) maybe that’s why this rough and honest display of male power in these tiktoks like the one i commented on.

today is sunday, september 25, 2022. it is nine o’clock in the morning central european time. i have uploaded boss shit. in four months i have made 115 songs according to my archive on audius. since the beginning of 2014 i have made 1800 songs according to jamendo. my creative output is immense. yesterday i made three songs.

today i’m going to my mother’s house in frankfurt, the city i was born in. in the colorful district of sachsenhausen, where there are many gays and lesbians, but even less foreigners like orientals and arabs, who threaten the gay biotope. a bit of variety is good for me.

yesterday was the day of bicycling children in germany. and yesterday i was on the phone with my mother, recovering from two days of drunkenness, when there was a scream on my street outside, like a crowded marketplace in istanbul. i went to my balcony and saw a young german woman screaming below me, and many orientals screaming, and a mother holding her unconscious child in her arms. the german woman knocked the child over on the street with her bicycle. and not too little. anyway, the screaming lasted ten minutes. in the meantime, the ambulance arrived. and i looked out from time to time to make sure that the german woman didn’t get punched in the mouth by the temperamental and emotional orientals who usually sweeten their evenings with temperamental and emotional oriental snake charmer music here.

But everything was good.

in this case, on the day of the bicycling children in germany, two favorite things of two opposite cultures, namely the european christian western and the muslim oriental culture collided on my street: bicycles and many children playing on the street until late in the evening.

post scriptum: when i say oriental muslim snake charmer music, i am allowed to because first of all i live with them and secondly because my own western american music is generally considered gay in the oriental world. even the german rap of muslims has snake charmer music elements.
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"boss shit III"
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