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uploaded: Sat, Sep 17, 2022 @ 11:26 PM
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good morning europe, good evening oceania, good night america

today is sunday september 18th 2022. it’s 8am central european time. i woke up listening to this remix i made. queeniemusics acapella inspired me to make this beat. the chords are from celine dion’s my heart will go on. i changed the clef to g and slowed the bpm down to 89. and of course i messed around with the chord arrangement a bit.

anyway. something brilliant came out of it. as always, but this time special.

well then i’ll send the remix through the world’s biggest internet hub 2 miles away from me to california.

but i have to say one thing. i saw a tiktok by a communist cabaret artist. he said that the rich in america live in their own neighborhoods, locked behind bars and guards. they go to their own universities, have their own businesses and are completely cut off from the poor. the middle class has two jobs and just gets by. and the really poor are either homeless or live in neighborhoods where the police don’t dare enter. in other words, in the jungle.

the tiktoks of the average german tourists who have been on vacation in america and complain about the many junkies and homeless people on the streets fit in with this.

the communist said that unbridled capitalism ruled in the usa. and that would be the future of germany. but i won’t live to see it.

but now i am thinking about you dear american ccmixter community.

do you all work in gas stations, supermarkets on the side? do you have two jobs? do you sleep only 6 hours a day? do you live in neighborhoods where you have to fear for your life? a witch from ccmixter once hinted at this in an email to me. she didn’t want to say it, but i heard it out. anyway, i have a bit of sympathy. i don’t have much myself, but i already have 700 dollars to live on. just for spending. rent is already paid and heating costs too. and i don’t even work. at all.

well, anyway, a commentator on tiktok said. in the rural areas in the states, it looks different than in the big cities. i think that’s true. but who wants to live in walachia?

as i said, i’m sorry for making fun of you, americans. i don’t know anything about your living conditions.

anyway. greetings from germany.

i’m still from yesterday, totally flattened. yesterday i drank two bottles of wine with cola, smoked a big pack of cigarettes and ate only one can of pringles. but not because i have nothing to eat. but because wine and cola saturate. my lungs are whistling and my knee, injured in the war (2012 the end of the world of frankfurt’s underworld, my fight with divine assistance), hurts.

after six bottles of wine a week at the ripe old age of 45, one is allowed to slack off a little.

back to the topic of living conditions of the ccmixter remixers who live in the states in a big city, probably in a neighborhood that is life threatening, have two jobs, one at the gas station, one at the supermarket and just get by. but live their american dream: i was at the bottom and now i’m a millionaire. so those who still have a little way to go to be a millionaire.

i was just outside on my balcony. it got chilly. i smoked a cigarette and drank pepsi. and i found an empty electronic 25 cent lighter from the norma supermarket on my little glass balcony table.

and on the lighter is the following wisdom, which should give you dear now sleeping americans courage for your way from unknown artist in a precarious life situation to make it with a label in the various charts created by indian clickbot farms. so for the @ss are. but you can bring it to money.

so the following poetry from my empty 25 cent lighter is for you:

work hard
stay strong
build faith
worry less

i could laugh myself to death:)
Play lost

by Kristian

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