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blue island love

uploaded: Wed, Sep 14, 2022 @ 12:36 AM
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today is wednesday september 14, 2022. the remix here, that will blow your ears off, i made last night. still drunk from the 2 bottles of wine with coke zero. i picked an acapella from ccmixter. found out that the clef is em. then i took the chords from celine dions the power of love. changed to the clef g and adjusted the bpm. then i ran the midifiles through my piano vst. and as i listened to it while making music it escalated again towards the end.

today i have one appointment at 11am central european time with the pointless psychologist dr bliss. i have to tell her again that i have a mask phobia, but otherwise everything is fine. so i am a severely damaged mental patient who is just managing his life.

well the 35 year old dr bliss is the most attractive woman at the moment in my life, not for nothing i have chosen her via internet. so i will get dressed up. i will wear a black oversized hoodie, black jogging pants and my beloved sandals without socks. i took a bath last night and only clean my teeth this morning.

good morning europe, good evening oceania, and good night america.

update from my visit to dr bliss:

bliss: you haven’t written me in the last three weeks where we haven’t seen each other. i only ask because you always send me music and tell me your thoughts….

kriss: oh i don’t know why i haven’t written.

kriss: i got an email asking me if i want to be in the american music charts….

bliss:hahahahaha….oh sorry about that, i didn’t mean it….

kriss: i know. the email was about buying clicks. it came from the same company as my purchased clicks from the company’s free promotion….

kriss: you promised me a cake. bliss: did i? for what? kriss: because i have my anniversary in 4 months. 10 years not in hospital and 18 years with only one psychiatric hospitalization. bliss: what kind of cake do you like? kriss: cheesecake. bliss: with or without raisins? kriss: with raisins.

"blue island love"
by Kristian

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