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overreacting (723 mix)

uploaded: Sat, Sep 10, 2022 @ 7:26 PM
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in the time from 2010 to 2014, i was a real material girl. i did c8ke and wh8red. besides, i busted a drug selling gang with bare fists. yes a muslim gang integrated in germany, because they listened to german rap. just like in the banlieus in france. only that was in the middle of the city frankfurt. but that was just a side show.

the c8ke got on my nerves at some point, this excitement like a turkish cousin marrying her cousin, contrary to muslim traditions, all in white and according to western christian rules. and the wh8ring? well, at some point you met the wh8re who falls in love with you and makes you jealous with her p1mp. you get to know the wh8re in love several times, who treats you like her fiancé. or you get to know the worn out wh8re, at whose b@ck entrance your l8lly softens. at some point you have also seen the demons who spread themselves in running houses. and at some point it’s enough. after 100 or more visits for 25 to 80 dollars.

you have spent some time in castles namely in an 800 year old monastery in the center of frankfurt.

you’ve had a palace like frankfurt airport all to yourself with an audience behind the omnipresent cameras.

you had all that. just like the rich and beautiful only in a thousandfold amplification.

and what remains at the end. you withdraw. try to lead a 9 to 5 life. see, it doesn’t work because of your life experience. and then you withdraw and make music and relax on the internet on obstruse websites.

no being rich is not the stuff dreams are made of.

to be a jaded god who is left in the dark as to whether he will be condemned by jesus for his sins, despite the absolution in the confessional, or simply thrown into nothingness by the divine consort and not think deeply about his life because of it.

this is the material from which dreams are made.

this morning’s headline: craft guild president complains about welfare money increase in germany…the line between welfare recipients and low-income earners is becoming more and more blurred. who still wants to go to work when he or she is left with the same as welfare recipients?

the comments are as follows:

then raise the wages of the low-income earners, craftsmen are very expensive and earn themselves silly.

if we increase the wages everywhere, this results in a wage price spiral that only increases inflation into the unmeasurable. so it must remain with the low wages and be cut at the welfare recipients.

what is my opinion on this?:

i am a cultured german through and through as an american. i see it through the education of hollywood movies and the american influenced newspapers in germany like an american.

although i am a welfare recipient myself, i think it would be a bad idea to give the poor more money. as wages or as welfare money.

this will only lead to mega inflation and eventually to the third world war.

you have to do it like before. you have to let the central banks continue to print money, thus strengthening the financial markets or, best of all, let the printed money go straight to the offshore accounts of the millionaires and billionaires.

first of all, the rich know how to handle money. rolexes, yachts, villas, supercars, prost1tutes and champagne parties, not to mention cocaine. and there is no megainflation (!) despite the ever increasing money in the endlessly large pockets of the rich. as the experience of the last ten years has shown us. money was printed endlessly and disappeared via the financial market into the offshore accounts of the rich.

and was there inflation? no, of course not!

there is only inflation when the minimum wage is increased to 12 dollars in germany and the cleaning ladies together with the welfare recipients who have 500 dollars a month go to the supermarket in the morning and buy alcohol. (like me this morning) this leads to an inflation of liver brain roses. and for those for whom alcohol is haram, the consumption of weed increases and this leads to an inflation of mental illnesses.

this can be seen in the drug zombies that populate the landscape of democrat-run cities in the usa.

so keep sending the printed money into the pockets, of musk, bezos, the kochs, gates and sugarmountains (zuckerberg).

america pluck yeah.:)))

and to prove to you that i was raised by america: a song from my youth

material girl by madonna

living in a material world

living in a material world

material ahah

living in a material world


the song rocks. im truly american…:)

today is still sunday of nine eleven 2022. it’s exactly 6am central european time. i’ve been awake since 3am. i’m so melancholic. i don’t know if it’s because of the sound of my last remix? but from somewhere came the creative mood that made this masterpiece possible. the acapella of brad sucks in minor and my ballad beat in major. that’s how i feel too. as if i was thinking in minor key and my life was objectively in major key.

i just looked at the brochures of computer chains from 1993 and 1997,98. that was the time when my parents spent a lot of money on my computers, on which i played and made music. besides that i always had something going with girls. it started with denise reso, who gave me 8e jay for the first time and other things (if her husband the wrestler christian cage would know that? :) but luckily i don’t live in the usa:) and after that i was r1dden for the first time by kerstin ricker. if her husband guido cantz knew that. but that was a long time ago. after that it started. as denise always said: once p8pped never stopped. that was from the pringles commercial. it went on like that until 2000. and after that came my odyssey which even makes odysseus a joke and makes all the horror, science fiction, p8rn and action movies you know look like doodles from a children’s coloring book.

well i have traveled the universe, but i have no one to share it with. except for my writings on the s4usage party sites ccmixter and jamendo. no wife no girlfriend. but she has to be born first who i could tell my adventures to and who would be able to even begin to understand what i tell her.

so i only have texasradiofish, musikpirat and apoxode, and the 23 year old intern at jamendo and the 45 year old music editor at jamendo who cr1es for the old times, to share my adventures with. and maybe some old friends from my school days who secretly read my pamphlets.

and that’s as tingly as stale discount beer.

and therefore my remix with an acapella sung in minor key and the ballad beat played in major key. because that’s exactly how i feel.

it’s four o’clock in the morning on sunday, september 11, 2022. ccmixter’s site is probably up and running again. i barely slept five hours. way too little. later i’ll probably take double the ration of my feel-good medication lorazepam again. that takes the edge off being exhilarated after such a short night.

you americans don’t understand about my german lorazepam. you are bombarded with drugs by your doctors as your opiod crisis has shown.

but here in germany, drugs are only given in homeopathic doses. and benzodiazepines are only given to patients when they are either in hospice or when they get them on the black market like the drug hub bahnhofsviertel frankfurt.

that’s why i have a psychiatrist who writes me off sick because of my alleged mask phobia that i pretend to have. and a psychiatrist who prescribes me the good candy.

but as i said, you americans don’t know anything about that, about the situation in germany.

what can i say about my remix? the chords are from the verves , the drugs dont work.:) in a modified clef and bpm.

today is friday 09 september. this morning i got a visit from a falcon. it was pretty big. three times as big as my plastic crows on my balcony railing. it stomped on one of my plastic crows and looked at me. the falcon didn’t have an easy time making itself comfortable on my balcony because i have wire spikes everywhere because of the pigeons. the street is 10 meters wide and the houses are 15 meters high. on the opposite side of the street there are trees as high as the houses and as wide as the street. my balcony is on the third floor and there is another balcony above it.

i guess the approach of the falcon was like the approach of an f14 tomcat, god rest her soul, on an aircraft carrier. if not more challenging.

and while i wanted to get my cell phone after the first spell to capture the moment, the falcon was already gone.

and now comes the exit for the intellect of the down-to-earth people. go out once, please, because there is nothing more to see.

for the magicians, witches and wizards it goes a little further now. just now i sat down on a blanket on my balcony and smoked a few cigarettes and listened as always to the voices that the wind carries to me. and what did i hear?

my balcony and my apartment is a magical place. i am a magician. i am protected by the spirits of heaven. and so there is another white magician near me who became aware of me and wanted to see me personally up close. probably a powerful magician who felt me.

and the only one i can think of is the white magician sitting at frankfurt international airport who i felt ten years ago during my stay at the fourth largest airport in europe who played with me at that time and for whose cameras i did karaoke and dances in the night at the deserted airport as i passed by.

anyway, this is the only magician from the area powerful enough to turn into a falcon and visit me while i make music in the morning.

thanks for the information you magicians from all over the world i listen to.

i always have to wait until five in the afternoon central european time for the sun to rise in california :)

oh yes, in case some of you are looking for the truth on the ground. this is not a psychotic outburst. this is just normal madness. and when i go to my psychologist dr bliss again next wednesday, i’ll tell her again about the cow and the horse, i mean about the insights you find on the ground, normal things so as not to scare her even more than i already have.

and now i listen up where we belong the soundtrack of every airline and their owners.:)

for god’s sake, snowflake. upsetting news. i had to endure a day without my favorite site. without sarcasm.:)

by the way, this morning i experienced something similar to your robot attack. what does this morning mean. at midnight your time, nine in the morning central european time. what was i getting at? oh yes your robot attack that took up all your bandwidth. so i’m finishing the best song of my career so far this morning when i hear a noise from my balcony. and that’s saying something, since i have my headphones on the whole time. anyway, i turn around and see a hawk 3 feet away from me that’s almost as big as a turkey. it stomps over my plastic raven and looks at me. i live in the middle of the city. and my whole emotional and intellectual bandwidth of my brain was focused on this heavenly visit.

but now without sh1t. i mean this now without sarcasm snowflake, if you have any idea what kind of omen this is, then feel free to answer me here on this page.

i think anyway that a heavenly, noble raptor has visited his brother in spirit, namely me.

by the time i got my cell phone to capture this meeting he was already gone. what an omen.

be that as it may, i’m already looking forward to the new design of my favorite site, where i learned to walk musically exactly 14 years ago.

by the way, the backbeat of my new song is terrific. in the end, i’ll probably take an acapella from you and remix it with the backbeat.

greetings from the most mystical and blessed place in the city of offenbach. my apartment.:)

"overreacting (723 mix)"
by Kristian

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