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only love (forza offenbach mix)

uploaded: Sat, Sep 3, 2022 @ 8:09 AM
Featuringshannon hurley
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today is still saturday september 03, 2022. just now i saw the summary of the premier league match citizens vs aston villa. of course without sound, while my remix only love blows my ears away.

at the end you can see in close-up how pep guardiola pulls up white spit from his throat and then tastes it on his lips and swallows it back down.

these coke monkeys are so pathetic.

the whole world is pathetic, except for me. right?:)

i make the most awesome girl rock music the world has ever seen. not even my only follower who professes to be donnie ozone will say anything against it. ozone by the way is the name of the first artificial intelligence i use in producing three.

not even my 20 year old turkish neighbor i know for 16 years, who accompanies her father to work, who is exactly the same age as me, and who punishes me with a nasty look, while i greet her with a hello ( with muslims everything is allowed, except being g@y, which means the death penalty) even things for whose reproduction one is punished on ccmixter with a one and a half year account block. like me. so despite my first name, i’m accepted by the turkish people because of my character. what was i actually getting at. while i balance my 320 lbs body weight on my toes up the three floors, my 20 year old neighbor walks behind me with a scowl but a benevolent look. she doesn’t wear a hijab by the way.

what was my point? i make the best girl rock music ever. the best virtual handmade music made with artificial intelligence that a handmade artist with his ukulele can imagine.

even better than madam snowflakes escape pod ft. porch cat and nico fyve whose ingenious remix you can find on the only playlist on madame snowflakes spotify page. on the cringe playlist of viktorija, a slavic like me who uses kyrilic and therefore for americans incomprehensible hiroglyphs.

i made a hammerhit. in about two and a half hours it will be ready for release. when the restrictions of ccmixter expire. and my only follower donnie ozone will be thrilled. real virtual handmade music made with three artificial intelligences. in half an hour. because i already had the backbeat ready.

by the way my headphones are crapping out. that means no more chinese junk but beyerdynamic amiron wireless headphones for 600 euro. made in germany.

today is saturday september 03, 2022. whenever i get mad at snowflake, shannon hurley calls me to do a remix. maybe there is magic on these funny ancient pages after all. but blah blah. i’m going to norma my supermarket now and buy myself two bottles of wine, cola and pringles and cigarettes.

today is friday, september 02, 2022. it’s 18:30 central european time. i’ve been streaming wolfenstein youngblood on stadia until just now. later i’ll be playing cyberpunk 2077 on stadia. i find it very amusing that people buy super expensive pcs or these expensive consoles when they can stream everything with any media pcs for 600 euros and less. but i’ve always been ahead of my time.

that brings me to yesterday’s story. i made a rock hit yesterday with my media pc for 600 euro and a soundinterface for the same amount. with a semiprofessional acapella from my 50 dollar for 1000 acapellas purchase. but it sounds beastly good. but i knew my music wouldn’t be appreciated on the sites jamendo and ccmixter the only two with a music editorial. because it is not handmade, but a lot with artificial intelligence. i let an algorithm break down chords of famous popstars to my needed bpm number and the clef and then let everything be played by virtual instruments. add a few samples, the acapella and that’s it. masterpieces that are ignored.

what do the music editors of jamendo say? it’s not handmade music, not a band. same as the funny admins of ccmixter.

and i come back to yesterday: so i upload with my gigabit line the song on distrokid for the commercial streaming services and on audius to have a sound archive in highest possible quality. and of course on jamendo. for nostalgic reasons.

and while i give my masterpiece the ear, i read this interesting article on the austrian news site: der standard the following article:

artist wins art award at colorado state fair with a picture created by an artificial intelligence. and as it happens, the oldschool handmade artists complained about it. because if the artificial intelligence outranks such highly qualified humans, what about the simple worker and so on?

yes, the losers have complained because they are threatened with extinction.

who wants to work for months on a picture or song when it can be done in a few hours with the help of artificial intelligence?

when i heard for the first time that i would make music in eternity to survive time, i didn’t think about sitting on a song for months either. but one hour maybe two in the morning and listen to the song throughout the day and make a new song the next day. how? with magic! just like my current way of making music would be magic if i had made it in the times of the already extinct rock bands like led zeppelin.

but who am i talking to here. people without the slightest understanding of magic. i just looked at madame snowflake’s spotify page. 130 listeners. i alone have made 500 remixes and more of her acapellas. and the only thing that stands out is that she appears in only one playlist according to spotify, in the playlist: cringe playlist by viktorija. as spotify enlightens the worthy user in cyrillic.

or jamendo the 18 year old start up.

no today is a day when i can see clearly that there is no magic here on the pages i move on.

now i listen to my just not handmade but seminal hit, familiar skies.

"only love (forza offenbach mix)"
by Kristian

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