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the key

uploaded: Tue, Aug 30, 2022 @ 8:53 AM
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today is august 30, 2022. i have been on the darkweb for the last few days looking at and downloading naughty stuff. yes i have downloaded real grinch. and now my pc is evil. it looks at me from little narrowed eyes on my screen. the writing is small and threatening. but when i am on the internet, and i usually am, everything is normal because the internet is not local and the site owners warn their employees not to download grinch. even the p8rno sites are protected from it.

be that as it may, i don’t care.

yesterday i was drunk on tiktok, a tiktok of an american came and showed me something that was completely under my radar. the american showed pictures from china. before and after pictures of rivers and lakes. the chinese are really crapping out. the drought is really hitting them. they have no water, no electricity, the ground water is used up or contaminated. and the car production for the western world has come to a standstill. it looks disastrous. but in the western media there is no jubilation or even big reports about it because it doesn’t look any better there. and the elites all over the world are afraid of the catastrophe that has somehow been looming since 2018.

i have been preaching for years that it is not raining anymore and that we are heading towards the end of the world on day zero (that is the technical term when no more water comes out of the taps). on all major media channels like an old fashioned music website for free music that still looks like it did in 2004 and an 18 year old start up for free music on the internet. and despite my efforts to shake up mankind through these channels and face the end of the world and go crazy and drop everything and party again, away from brothel clubs and unwashed hippie events.

it was all for nothing. not only that. i was ignored for years on these websites and in the public eye, but now my prophecies that no one even remembers now are coming true.

and now i sit there in front of my now evil computer unwashed for days in black boxers and a white t shirt stained by wine stains drinking wine with coke and smoking cigarettes.

i’m not smiling. but deep in my chest, satisfaction and anticipation of my and our last day is setting in.

yes it is a beautiful day

"the key"
by Kristian

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