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blue skies (come inside)

uploaded: Mon, Aug 15, 2022 @ 10:27 AM
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today is wednesday, august 17, 2022. i am still 5.8 feet tall and now weigh 324.3 lbs. my body fat is at 40.1 %. that makes a corrected ffmi of 28.5. athletes have an ffmi of 20 to 21. that is the above average range on the scale. in between is the excellent range on the scale. a bodybuilder, powerlifter or weightlifter has an ffmi of 24 to 25. and that would be the superior range. everything above that can hardly be achieved without anabolic steroids. that’s why the range from 26 to 27 is also called the suspicious range. from ffmi 28, the end of the scale begins, which goes up to 30. and this range is called improbable. and my ffmi is 28.5 as a reminder. anyone can do the math with an ffmi calculator.

i feel so awesome. but it’s like i’m a billionaire and i had the batmobile tank from the dark knight and i only used it once in 2012 in combat. but it’s not just that. in my environment there is no woman attractive enough to take a seat in a batmobile tank. not even the filter defaced girls on tiktok live would be a hypothetical female passenger.

so i have no choice but to take my ffmi 28.5 body, the batmobil tank, for a little walk and go to my weekly therapy session with 35 year old psychologist dr bliss to tell her a bit about ffmi bought spotify clicks and the like.

i was listening this whole morning to my hit girls like me on spotify.:)

i’ve been back from my therapy session for an hour. it’s not easy to be a superhuman when the person you’re teaching can’t lose the belief that you’re a sick person whose mental state allows that person to be on sick leave for three years or more. but she was seriously struggling with her mind when we talked about my fat free mass index, the ffmi. when i told her an athlete has an ffmi of 20 a bodybuilder of 25 and i have an ffmi of 28.5 in the impossible range. when i told her: do you understand now that with my big fight in 2012 in the city center. she looked at her records and was silent. she was shocked. and i understood that when i saw a construction worker on the street, working the asphalt with a pneumatic hammer. although he does nothing else all his life, he has no ffmi bigger than a bodybuilder rather less. and now again my story that i have concreted a house with bare hands for one and a half years. this explains basically nothing. but you dear readers, witches, wizards, magicians and uncomprehending disk jockeys and uncomprehending hobby musicians and whoever else is reading have only my word. dr bliss has my body analysis data. in black and white.

as i said, she was shocked. however, i heard her voice after the session: so you quit drinking, you @sshole.

well not really. i just switched from white beer to red wine. mixed with coke zero. mixed with psycho drugs. mixed with 40 cigarettes. mixed with pringles sweet peppers.:)

like now.

and i wonder again. is there even one person here who understands a word i’m talking about. i doubt it again.

it’s lonely at the top of the food chain. let me tell you.

no offense.

now i’m listening to a soft club remix of matt simons landslide.

i don’t want to hide one thing. when i mixed my drink of red wine and cola at home, i heard the voice of dr bliss again. and she said: your f@ck free mass index goes past my @ss. and then i heard the love goddess say softly: for this she gets a reward.

maybe i’m not at the end of the food chain after all.

be that as it may, it was the love goddess who sent me to my parents quarry in her man stone house street.

that was the address of my parents’ house. hermann steinhäuser strasse.

which is now known by knife carrying and using worms led by one of germany’s most popular rappers.

is there a single person here who has even a little bit of life or divine spark in her? i don’t think so.

but since i have free listener bots for spotify, i am very sympathetic to the sites ccmixter and jamendo. come what may.

i wannna know whats next i wanna see whats left after the landslide…:)

"blue skies (come inside)"
by Kristian

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