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air on the g strings (ghosts remix)

uploaded: Sat, Aug 6, 2022 @ 1:18 AM
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it is saturday august 06, 2022.

bach has been in my drawer for two days. i found this beautiful orchestra on public domain.

yesterday i extracted the chords with an artificial intelligence. i added some additional instruments. this morning i added ciggi burns excellent acapella. unfortunately i had to remove her harmonies. johan sebastian bach is very demanding. then i let two different artificial intelligences master the track.

and ready is hot air on all of the g strings.

it only remains for me to send a greeting to ciggi burns:

redneck word of the day: juicing

honey what if i said juicing so beautiful that even classical music fits to it.

and now it’s about to go 3 km over the internet lines here from me to the biggest internet node in the world in frankfurt to california and later luxembourg and colombia.

friday 05. august 2022
it’s 8 past six in the evening, central european time. someone heard this melancholy, plaintive, oriental music in my neighborhood. i’m against any kind of noise pollution and i also find european music disturbing when it plays loudly in the streets and i do something in my apartment. but this, as i said, melancholy and to god complaining oriental music. that’s another caliber.

there are many things that annoy me. i don’t hate them. i don’t hate anyone. but they annoy me. for example, the burying of the occidental world, the christian world. the fighting against it with joke figures like victor orban and donald trump. but this pandering to alternative lifestyles, to all other cultures except the christian occidental one. and that with such a rage, also for example this cancel culture. it annoys me as a middle-aged white (at least in winter) and genetically lactose tolerant man from birth. and then these figures and parties that oppose it, besides the above i would like to mention putin. i could puke. and i know for a fact that the powerful of this world are fueling this culture war by smuggling aggressive non-european cultures into europe as fodder for the man-eating bull capitalism. and this emboldening of every little minority who are all against the christian church. just to distract people from the economic inequality in europe.

yes it sucks. but they also do something good the powerful of this world. they also please me. for example with the fact that a few dozen companies are responsible for 70% of the greenhouse gases.

yes, it must be said that the powerful are destroying the basic values of the christian occident, but they are not leaving the rest of the world unscathed.

in france, the drinking water supply has collapsed in about 100 communities. in italy, it will probably be thousands.

i am only 45. i see the downfall of christian values in the occident but i also see the approaching downfall of the world. produced by the same protagonists.

thank you elite of humanity.:)

because actually i didn’t want to live forever anyway. and if i have to die, at least the world should go down with me.

so thanks again.

oh yes, on the subject of the downfall of the christian occident. i’m writing these words from germany, which is now going to ruin due to foreign infiltration, but 85 years ago also tried very hard to let the christian occident go down, with the violent reinterpretation of the biblical words: the chosen people.

but be that as it may. you surely ask yourselves what this has to look for on a music website. and i ask you: why not? it doesn’t give a shit where these words, which are intellectually or morally incomprehensible for the average person, are written. it doesn’t give a shit.

but yes, i’m glad. this summer, france and italy are going to the ruins in terms of drinking water. they are the trendsetters for the future.

and now i’m listening to bach’s air on a g string. that’s what you play on the organ in church when you go to the eucharist.

or for those who don’t understand: when there are chips and wine in the church, the body and blood of jesus christ.

"air on the g strings (ghosts remix)"
by Kristian

2022 - Licensed under
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Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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