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deep in ya self

uploaded: Fri, Jul 29, 2022 @ 11:19 PM
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today is july 30, 2022. it’s shortly before eight in the morning. i had a bad morning. yesterday before i went to sleep, i thought about my heart. it always makes such weird jumps. during my regular cardiogram examinations, there are never any findings. but last night i thought, what if you kick the bucket like your cousin who died 2 years ago at 53, just like that? be that as it may. this morning i had thoughts like. how shitty your life is. what have you been doing for the last twenty years? how i feel after careful consideration can be heard in this remix i’m delivering to you this morning. i’m sending it right away through the world’s biggest internet hub, de cix, to california and luxembourg. and to colombia.

i don’t want to exaggerate, but i’m probably the best producer here on this website. no matter what kind of music.

and i know you guys think so too. but with ccmixter, you can hear the objection that he acts like a pig and has no sense of social interaction, like emails behind the scenes. and with jamendo, i’m a pariah too. i don’t email the music editors with my upcoming concerts in some cow barn somewhere in europe.

anyway. the remix is based on another 1 dollar sample from kingsway music. ccmixter and jamendo are worth that much to me.

i’m thinking about it again right now:

Sick Food ’ Advisor ’ Health
Sep 28, 2010 - About 90 percent of Asians, as well as Africans, South Americans and Aborigines, cannot tolerate milk and dairy products.

and now i think again of the anti milk campaign of the europeans who tolerate milk, although those who do not tolerate milk do not complain.

and i tell you the world. when you wake up in the morning and your throat is dry as dust and you can hardly swallow, and then you suck in ice cold milk straight from the carton. divine.

what do 70% of the world’s population actually do when, after death, they say: welcome to the land where milk and honey flow?

this new topic just won’t let me go.

by the way, i find it fascinating that at ccmixter the suggested tags to the ocean dreams remix don’t have any hiphop. that’s pretty bad. because i think that people who live at the ocean and are worried about the missing rain and the drought, like in california and at the mediterranean sea in europe, can listen to hiphop and in addition to everything else be worried about karl the sick damselfish. in the ocean.

it’s 10. i was on tiktok for exactly one hour. and now i’m back at the pc listening to my latest hiphop banger.

what’s on tiktok? in english someone explains to me that on bandlab you can master your songs in seconds for free. which i’ve been doing for a month now. (i only recommend it for pop and hiphop, but it’s excellent).

in austrian, a man who is my age maybe a few years younger and makes fun of childish mid-twenties influencers who always tell the same stories: and then he sat next to me in the car and gets messages from some women and i have with my best friend and so on…

then bosnian muslim young people tell funny sketches about the cultural differences between their parents and western european educational methods. why do i emphasize muslims with the bosnians. they are considered the funniest by all other south slavic ethnic groups because of their peasant cunning and craftiness. but this eludes me.

then show american parents, their adventures with their kids.

then a few family guy clips in the original sound.

and then another producer comes on. american or german alike and shows his latest beat with the question: who can you imagine rapping on it?

and the beat goes something like this: plingplingpliplipling a minor synth guitar sample is the intro and then comes boomboom da boom from the obligatory average 808 with a generic trap beat.

and then i have enough and listen to my masterpiece again. with a rapper i can imagine very well on my beat. instead of waiting for the breakthrough, creating countless lame beats and listening to them once. because what is a beat without a rapper?:) that was the reason back then that i went to ccmixter with his boss at that time, firestone?, flintstone? no it was fourstone…

until i go back to tiktok.

by now it’s 12. i ate pizza and drank cola earlier. and was on tiktok afterwards. and when the obligatory producer came with a beat video and the request to duet him, i.e. to rap something on his beat, i got out of tiktok and dodged from my bedroom to the living room and now i’m listening to my remix again.

how did the beat of the tiktok producer sound: at the beginning there was the whistling of a flute (as it is common on trap beats) and then came boom boom da boom the average 808 and a generic trap beat :)

"deep in ya self"
by Kristian

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