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40 days 40 nights

uploaded: Wed, Jul 27, 2022 @ 5:23 AM last modified: Wed, Jul 27, 2022 @ 10:37 AM  (replace)
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the acapella is about the effects of hurricane katrina. if that’s not an ocean sound song. the beginning is a nigerian mass on the beach.

today is wednesday july 27, 2022. i took this sample from my $10 purchase from kingsway, and it turns a song into a kanye west type beat. i don’t listen to kanye west’s music, especially since he said in the american presidential primaries: don’t you want this place to look like wakanda? what a weirdo. but one with access to good samples. and now i’m proving with this creative commons song that it’s not that hard to deliver a banger if you have the samples.

i don’t want to exaggerate, but the song i delivered here together with dj lang is by far the best hiphop song on this site. and i’m talking about every site i publish it on.

what can i say? i am a genius.

i’m starting to like black music again.

what am i still doing today? i spend my time on tiktok and in between on the pc.

yesterday i watched denise reso my first girlfriend on youtube. it’s only a few seconds. but she kisses her current husband the wrestling champion like she kissed me back then. only she didn’t look like an american back then. but like a blonde german girl.

and besides, i look at kerstin ricker on the nation’s red carpets in the gossip papers. how she smiles into the camera, just like she used to smile at me.

i just look at them a little bit. i have to keep my self-confidence. in addition to the other things in my life that have happened and increased my self-confidence immeasurably.

this music comes from somewhere. doesn’t it?

today is july 28th 2022. yesterday i made the best remix in hiphop there is on this site. with a sample i paid 1 dollar. why i mention this a bit more later. yesterday i reworked the two tracks one with a commercial acapella for the streaming services and one for creative commons. this morning i wake up and the sound sounds much worse than yesterday. also my other songs. so someone cursed me. but that usually doesn’t take long.

anyway, yesterday i made two megablockbusters with black artists.

today i went walking for six kilometers and after that i went to norma. to buy two bottles of wine, two bottles of cola, a can of pringles and a big pack of cigarettes. and as i walk into norma, i see a black young man shopping for healthy food, at least i see him shopping by the rolls. and later on the way to the checkout at the dairy products. i admit at the beginning, because there are not so many blacks, i thought, (is there nogger in norma?), that is a german ice cream from the company langnese. anyway after i buy my european haram products, i see the black young man running from the dairy products to the checkout. i make a sign, go ahead. he smiles with his white teeth and says: i thought there was a battle to be the first to the checkout. i say nothing and put my haram products in front of the checkout. i press the big pack of cigarettes at the machine and wait my turn. i pay. the black young man has paid and left. and because i was still thinking about where to put the food in the backpack or the bag, i don’t notice that the cigarettes are no longer there. i go home and only notice it there.

for me, this means not only that the devout muslim cashier in her headscarf swears at my haram foodstuffs because she is a believer, which she has to do, according to the tiktoks of the salafists on tiktok. but also that my cigarettes today have to serve as the basis for joints with the black young man’s friends.

so what does it mean for me? never again buy cigarettes in norma, because they are always the most expensive thing in my purchases.

by the way, the smile of the black young man reminds me of the smile of the oriental young man who was in my apartment 12 years ago with others of my school friends and searched my apartment for usable things, while he said he had to go to the toilet, and i didn’t care then, because now as then there is nothing usable for non europeans in my apartment.

if i had just spent the money for the cigarettes on a nogger, since black americans are quite allergic to the brand and the muslim cashier would have one less haram reason to curse my purchases.

and because everything is connected. i don’t give a shit about the 7 euro cigarettes, i just don’t buy them there anymore, and i don’t give a shit about a one dollar sample.

noggers from langnese.:)

i’m listening to my banger. the best hiphop this site has ever seen. i’m still drunk. my pills and the red wine are getting along very well.

speaking of tolerating. i’m surfing through my news aggregators as usual. i wrote this morning that the young black man came from dairy row. and now i read in the communist newspaper der spiegel that it was a hard way for europeans to tolerate milk. until they were lactose tolerant. and then i got curious. why europeans? what about the rest of the world. did they have an easier time getting used to lactose or do they not tolerate lactose at all?

and again i learned something about blacks, south americans and asians:

About 90 percent of Asians, as well as Africans, South Americans and Aborigines, cannot tolerate milk and dairy products. They lack the digestive enzyme lactase, which is necessary to break down lactose.28.09.2010

this is what it says on google germany when you type in the question do africans not tolerate milk?

well, well. despite hitler’s doctrine that slavs are an inferior race, they are europeans. because i don’t go to sleep until i’ve had a liter of milk.

man, i’m an @sshole…:)

it’s almost midnight here at my place. i was sitting on the balcony smoking comfortably when a couple three stories below me walked by in the balmy summer night. he said with a german accent meant to mimic american english: i wish you weren’t such an american. and she said with an original american english accent: i’m not such an american.

which now makes me think about milk tolerance in the usa.

so europeans have been tolerating milk for thousands of years, while south americans, africans, asians and aboriginies are 90 percent milk intolerant.

i don’t want to talk about race, which is a popular topic in america, i.e. the united states.

i guess first of all that african americans, south american americans :), and asian americans are 90% milk intolerant. and i guess that irish americans, anglo-saxon americans, german americans, south slavic americans and slavic americans can tolerate milk.

so i would be surprised if americans were an exception in google’s final list of the world’s milk tolerance.

but i’m talking about america here. or how did j.j.r. tolkien describe it at the end of lord of the rings? and frodo the marsupial and the elves got on the ship together and sailed west to the magic land….

i guess all americans can take milk. there’s a reason there are so many cattle there.:)))))))))

it’s 12 and i’ve been drunk for 14 hours. ok now i’m just buzzed.

about four years ago there was a mysterious movement in frankfurt. i remember that all over the city there were things written with chalk on the sidewalks like: milk is evil. or do you even know where milk comes from? wait, i’ll google into the past. yes, it was 2014 and vegans started an anti-milk movement back then and texted everything in the city with horror news.

and they weren’t africans, asians, south americans or aborigines who could justifiably get up in arms about milk.

no, they were organic germans.

if i had known back then what that meant…

but isn’t it always like that?:)))) i mean the whole thing itself?

today is august 02, 2022. my 400 dollar per hour psychiatrist ann-kathrin has to step in today for corona sick psychiatrist in the ordinanz. so my monthly appointment, with blood test and ekg is only on thursday. then i also get my sick note again. no matter tomorrow is my 100 dollar per hour psychologist eva-kathrin in the row. the I tell again the blue of the sky. my third 300 dollar perhour psychiatrist who prescribes me in germany forbidden medicine such as benzos. I do not see him every year times again. I always order my prescriptions online.

you can rely on tiktok. a video of an american in germany: the biggest culture shocks in germany. in germany you can’t get lactose-free milk almost anywhere.

this means two enlightenments for me: the 90% lactose intolerant, afro americans, asian americans and south american americans, buy in the only the crippled milk without lactose in the supermarkets. so half of the americans.

and in germany, the africans, the asians, and the south americans do not buy overpriced lactose-free milk, but surrender to their fate.:)

milk is not just anything. paradise is the land where milk and honey flow.

anyway. i pay nothing for the health insurance of my various - kathrin’s doctors and the mustache wearing crazy third doctor. i pay nothing for my 1 bedroom 1 living room 1 kitchen and 1 bathroom with balcony apartment. and i still get a little pocket money 500 dollars for my bills like gigabit internet, hd tv, two cell phones, and various online subscriptions like disney plus and netflix. plus the samples i always buy.

yes this is my life.

"40 days 40 nights"
by Kristian

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