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summer fever

uploaded: Tue, Jul 19, 2022 @ 8:48 AM
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summer fever

this is a remix of snowflakes fever. because there is a fever at the mediterranean sea in europe right now. it is burning everywhere. in addition there is a shortage of drinking water.

yes, the scientists say, in the future it will be very bad with the climate change. however, it has already happened now.

and we all go about our daily business as if it were nothing.

today is july 20, 2022. it’s wednesday and it’s exactly 8 a.m. i’ve been awake since 6 a.m. i drank my coffee and smoked cigarettes. i’m a little woozy from yesterday’s wine consumption. man was i drunk. but making music worked. you have to know, when i drink wine with cola. that’s not all. in my blood there are still neuroleptics and benzodiazepines. and when you mix all that. then it rocks. i do that about twice a week. 4 bottles of wine in total and lots of cigarettes. i don’t take other drugs. that’s enough. i just saw a report about paranoid schizophrenics who took cannabis and became murderers because the drugs are harmless, as they say. anyway, they took cannabis before the psychosis and during the psychosis. there was one who thought that his girlfriend wanted to murder him because she put her arms around him in bed in the morning. anyway, afterwards he killed her and then his mother. and other cases.

what can i say? if you have paranoid schizophrenia, the psychoses keep coming back. usually paranoid schizophrenics are hospitalized every 6 months for several weeks. and that’s for life because the disease doesn’t get better, but worse. then you hear voices like an evil man ordering you to do things or you hear ghosts commenting on the things you do, like he did this and that means that and so on.

i also have paranoid schizophrenia. drug-induced. in the last 17 years i have been in inpatient treatment exactly once. i snorted k8kain again. that was 10 years ago. and since then i only drink alcohol mixed with my medication.

when i reduce my dose, i hear commenting voices, as my psychologist thinks. she thinks it goes something like this: the v. (my last name) has published something again.

no, of course not like that. with me, it’s strong women who have something to decide wherever they are, who are relatively young, highly intelligent and all in love with me. and they talk about me.

tiktok showed me this video, which probably only a few people see. where a chinese woman says: a man who is average and looks like that but thinks he is irresistible and all women are in love with him, is a (chinese word, whose translation she says is delusional man).

schizophrenia is delusion. well never mind lucky strike from the chinese artificial intelligence.

by the way, i also had an outbreak of violence. in 2012, after a bloody attack on me during the night, i took revenge the next day on a gang in the center of my hometown. in the midst of civilians who went shopping there. anyway. my hands were bloody, my knee destroyed, but i didn’t get in trouble with the police, because bodily harm is an offence of application and i wasn’t reported by anyone whose blood i had on my hands. honorable men :) so no collateral damage. i didn’t know the people, only where they hang out. in the middle of the city.

either that is the proof that the brain can move the body to unbelievable in exceptional situations, or it was the marsians of elon musk in the game or just god, from whom i later got a visit, like from his muslim image, which i could not classify until recently and only after studying some tiktoks, as isa the muslim jesus who did not die on the cross and brought me close to what was completely unknown to me in loud words.

or else the power is in me. me as a nietzschean superman a god as which i also see myself in weak moments.

I don’t know. long story short.

i don’t know anything at all. i only know that things have happened that are unbelievable, that i sometimes hear the voices of strong women in love, that i have seen gods and demons, that i drink a terrible mix of drugs and alcohol twice a week and that in 17 years i was hospitalized once in a psychiatric ward, from which i then discharged myself.

and i know that it’s been raining less and less for ten years, that it’s getting hotter now and then in the summer, and that the first big drinking water restrictions are now appearing in the world.

i think the earth is sinking and that’s why, depending on the day, i feel like a god, an angel, a grain of sand, and so on and so forth.

yes under my surface it burns like in the forests at the mediterranean sea.

but everything is chill. basically.


"summer fever"
by Kristian

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