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stay (a gig at the beach)

uploaded: Wed, Jul 13, 2022 @ 2:34 AM
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this is my contribution to the soundscape ocean. a gig on the beach. the chords are from blink 182 all the small things in a different clef and i messed around with the bpm a bit.

by the way, ccmixter is my favorite playground despite all my commercial acapellas.

i am so awesome. when i saw myself in the mirror again this morning after a long time, i just thought: i am so awesome.

may be related to the fact that i’m so normal due to my higher dose of pills and then i always kind of look down on myself and think i’m a c to d.

but then the insane tv moderator appears on the biggest tv channel in germany, while i’m drinking cocoa and zapping around in the evening, and i know at the same moment, now his wife is sitting around somewhere in the background, she who was my first time. and so i still know last night that i’m awesome, even though i was still puzzling over myself last night, sitting on the balcony at night and brooding.

but as you can hear for yourself in the song. today I’m just awesome.

since this is an american website, ccmixter, i still have to address the discrepancy between my profile photos and the white music i create. and race is a popular topic in the united states of america.

the federal youth chairwoman of the green party in germany, a young black woman, once said: i don’t even know if slavs are white. she is in agreement with hitler’s racial theory, who called slavs an inferior race. because of the shape of their heads, noses and several other characteristics. who are the slavs? first of all, slavs are russians, poles, czechians, slovaks, slovenians (the wife of trump for example), croatians, serbs, ukrainians and so on. northern slavs call themselves white because their skin is light. but that doesn’t change the statement of the young black green youth party chairwoman and hitler’s racial doctrine, since it explicitly does not focus on the color of the skin but on the shape of the head and the shape of the nose, etc. anyway in star trek at the time of the cold war, the metaphorical opponents of the west of the americans were the slav russians depicted as black klingons.

well anyway, apart from these historical definitions, russians, poles, slovaks, czechs and ukrainians see themselves as white. they simply ignore the statements of the young black federal youth leader of the green party of germany and hitler’s racial doctrine.

therefore they look pejoratively at the southern slavs like the croatians and serbs for example. they are darker in skin color. but otherwise they have the same psysiognomic details as the northern slavs, i.e. head shape and noses etc. i for example am southern slav by origin. croatian. dark in summer quite white in winter because it snows in croatia in winter, or at least it has until the climate changes. like in germany in winter.

my nose, which a naive anglosaxon would describe with the n word, is not african but slavic.

so i also make rock music. not like jimi hendrix and lenny kravitz but more slavic style, or maybe more white style.

i also make black music, but i’m not that good at it.

well that’s what i wanted to say.

by the way, i dreamed tonight that i got kicked out of somewhere, i don’t know why.:)
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"stay (a gig at the beach)"
by Kristian

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