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kiss of hope

uploaded: Tue, Jul 5, 2022 @ 2:00 AM
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snowflakes song is a song about winter. so pretty inappropriate. but in washington state for example it’s pretty cold in winter and there’s a huge pacific coast. so the ocean its endangered fish and the waves also exist in winter. and on the pacific and atlantic coasts of southern argentina it’s snowing right now and there’s also fish swimming in plastic. so just goes through my remix.:)

I am bored. I do not want to hear voices, so voices in love with me women who talk about my music and more, so I do not hear voices carried to me by the wind. But now it’s just boring.

No matter the music has remained, Google still defines me and only me under my name as a musical artist or musician in Germany.

How’s my biggest wish, that the party just doesn’t go on after my death?

Good. It goes on. Even if it politically still approaches the planetarium end, I sh1t on politics. I’d much rather look at the global drought. Water is getting scarce everywhere. In the west of the USA anyway. But also in Europe. France is rationing water in some regions. In central Germany, water is also becoming scarce and rationed in some regions. But the worst off is Italy. In Verona and Pisa, the water is now being shut off from time to time during the day.

I’m cool. But that’s cool. If it looks like this now. i’m only 45. who knows what it will look like in 20 years. As it looks everything will be f4cked.

In the meantime, have fun with my music.

update: portugal and spain are suffering from a millennium drought. in northern mexico, the mayors buy water cistern trucks for their communities. but as it happens in mexico, a drug-producing country that is so important for the usa, narcos rob the trucks and divert them. why the water cistern trucks? because there is no more drinking water flowing from the pipes in northern mexico. just like in parts of europe at the moment. just like i remember all the snow in germany thirty years ago, i don’t remember there ever being a water emergency in all of europe. that was always far away in africa, asia and south america.

but that’s just small news that gets lost in the news storm of the day. i want to say that you don’t puff up this news like that, you let it ripple in the background of the attention of the headlines.

because those responsible for the immensely important, if not the most important, resource of drinking water are currently all having heart attacks in the background from the diversion and diversion of the valuable raw material of water to the urban areas.

but that doesn’t have to interest you. here in europe it’s vacation time. for two years we couldn’t fly, now we’ve earned it and no one is taking it away from us. water? i don’t know, it’s flowing out of the tap. and we’re not going to northern italy where it’s no longer flowing. besides, it’s only temporary anyway. because i still have to pay off my lifelong loan for the house, i still have a loan for the car, my kids want to go to university, and my wife, who is getting older and older, also has claims. i, on the other hand, am only 25 now. i couldn’t go to the disco for two years and now i want to go on vacation. i’ve done everything i can in my hometown, i’ve put aside a little for the three weeks at the seaside, and now it’s supposed to go bang.

yes it’s only temporary this climatic emergency. it can’t be any other way. we all still have so much to do and want to live for so long.

yes it is only temporary.:)))))

"kiss of hope"
by Kristian

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