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new Earth

uploaded: Fri, Jul 1, 2022 @ 5:46 AM
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i dedicate this song to the oxeye herrings, karl-heinz, theodor and richard, who, together with their many relatives, died in the central german rivers because they lacked oxygen due to the lack of water in those same rivers.

this is always worth a lot of news to the people of the world, whereas the fear that goes along with this tragedy that there will not only be drinking water restrictions for people there, but soon nothing at all, more or less fades from the field of vision.

you see, dear californians, it is the same with us in germany as with you. first come the fish, then comes the drinking water supply.

but i admit it: why isn’t more attention being drawn to this problem. the drinking water supply is one of the most sensitive infrastructures in a political state. the loss of it would also mean more or less the end of civilization. that’s why you, dear readers, have to find out for yourselves in google news how things stand with drinking water.

spoiler: crappy.

now to the remix. i was three seconds on ccmixter and actually didn’t want to do anything today. just out of boredom. and what do i see in the new uploads section: unashamed approaches that i think go in my direction. since they are very sensitive, i got curious and searched for the unashamed radio on spotify. and what did i see an album by ccmixter. with the biggest hits of the last five years. i was overwhelmed for 30 seconds and thought to myself, if you are not as good as most cc remixers, at least you are productive. and voila here is my latest remix:

i put the acapella on one of my commercial remixes today, it fits beautifully. i added ukrainian folk singers to give my slavic race some publicity in the usa. i took the chords from albanian british super singer dua lipa from one of her super hits. but they pass me by every time on tiktok and youtube, it’s a bit like in a big city like london that with youtube, some spend their time at home on the balcony, while others hang out in the big city youtube in front of the clubs and know dua lipa’s songs of course. not to mention the big city juggernaut tiktok.

yes it is a crux with the superstar fishes and the ocean internet.

so anyway i wish you a lot of fun.

"new Earth"
by Kristian

2022 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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