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a day at the beach

uploaded: Tue, Jun 28, 2022 @ 8:11 PM
FeaturingMadam Snowflake
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a day at the beach.

i made this remix yesterday. even though the upload rules are strictly limited to 10 megabytes per remix contest and the thematic guidelines are pretty limited, i will upload this remix. this remix contest is about endangered fish. because as everyone knows you can’t live without fish. and while california’s people are struggling with the most severe drought in a millennium, as scientists say, so they have little drinking water, which they haven’t noticed yet, but because of which their decision makers are tearing their hair out, all of us on ccmixter and the rest of the world are very affected by the fate of the damselfish karl, who has to eke out his life in the ocean next to empty chip bags and cola bottles. you just have to set priorities.

so i will upload this remix of mine, which is about a day at the beach at the ocean and about a time ten years ago, when there was still enough drinking water for humans, and check from time to time if the admins of ccmixter just delete the title, block my account and don’t let me know like it seems to be usus here. but i understand the admins of ccmixter in california, karl the damselfish swimming around in the ocean full of plastic is a horrible fate and needs all our attention.

now to the remix. the chords are from dua lipa - love again. clef and bpm changed. the acapella is an evergreen from snowflake which is probably two dozen times in my over 1600 songs catalog on jamendo.

this track is very close to my heart. as i usually rarely release music, and only when they are really perfect, i waited with this track until now. my influences for the track are moby, dua lipa and kings of leon. as you can easily hear. i thank ccmxiter for the support and see this place as a springboard for my further career. i dream of many clicks and many fans who support me. since i’m just a producer, my age doesn’t matter. but i do care about being a superstar on the internet. on youtube for example, the place for the slightly older generation. like me. a dream would of course be a few 30 second snippets on tiktok, with many videos about this track. but that’s only for the younger generation.

when i think about it, i don’t even know where the place on the internet is where you become or are famous. there’s so much. i’m a bit overwhelmed. maybe i’ll try a small advertising campaign on tiktok for 500 euro. i don’t know anyone who has become famous through this. but i swipe away so often when i see something like this on tiktok. no. with ccmixter’s help i’ll make it on the platform youtube, which is for older people.

as you can see, it’s not easy to be a producer who wants to get to the top.

"a day at the beach"
by Kristian

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