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sirens (white magic remix)

uploaded: Sat, Jun 25, 2022 @ 10:11 AM last modified: Sun, Jun 26, 2022 @ 8:40 AM  (replace)
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i’ve done this remix a hundred times. but this one is a little different. i like the sound.

i’m just listening to it to check if the soundinterface messed up. then i go to the balcony. in the block further south the party has been going on for a while. it’s really good music. male howling american german rock. autotune spoken songs with trap beats. music from the 90s.

so no 40 year old german multicultural dance club belly dancer like last time. every time i write something on the internet, exactly the opposite happens, or it is delayed. i am a bad prophet.

if that were the case, you can forget the following google news: madagascar a green island sands because of drought.

maybe it will start raining again and the world will come to its senses and we might live happily like honey cake horses in 100 years.

maybe not.

and now while male hard music resounds through the streets, i send this girl rock music through net to the pacific, liechtenstein and colombia.

the chords are from madonna frozen. clef and bpm changed of course.

"sirens (white magic remix)"
by Kristian

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