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uploaded: Wed, Jun 15, 2022 @ 4:53 AM
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an hour ago i had a videocall with my psychologist dr bliss. i sent her a tiktok with a remix. she said the power of love with this wall of sound. rad she said. and i told her the chords were from lana del rey blue jeans. and then she said i don’t think you can use the chords from any song for any song. i told her i can. she laughed and said i’m just the therapist. next week we’ll see each other live again.

anyway. here is a new remix with snowflake. and it was a hard birth. first i recorded a part with my new microphone sony sd 570 vfl and then i unpacked my acoustic guitar and tried to record the chords. which took me about three days. then i recorded the bass with a synthesizer. 1 day. then i recorded the eguitars in two days. the piano and strings took me another three days. at least the drums went fast. half a day. and now the masterpiece is finished. and after two weeks of thinking i’m releasing it now.
and there’s always this subconscious fear that my composition will be stolen by the vultures of this world just like that.

no it wasn’t like that of course. i had this finished song that i made yesterday in two hours. then i searched for the acapella on ccmixter this morning from 8:30 to 10 am before the therapy session.

the chords are from madonna, the power of goodbye. of course in clef and the bpm changed. i ran some Kontakt instruments over it and let my toontrack piano do its magic.

added some slavic folk acapellas and now i don’t give a sh!t if someone steals the composition because it’s by madonna. originally.

and the nice thing about a wall of sound is that all the silly beatmakers who make black music, like me before, can sample sh!t.

and now i’m happy. why didn’t i let the a.i. voice read it out before the song like i usually do? because last time mrs madam snowflake got so upset at my last remix because of the intro with the artificial voice.

so i leave it now.

and now i wish you a lot of fun with the composition of snowflake and madonna and me the god of remixers….:)

by Kristian

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