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an ordinary morning (the future has already begun)

uploaded: Tue, Jan 25, 2022 @ 12:06 AM last modified: Tue, Jan 25, 2022 @ 6:47 AM  (replace)
byKristian (SunStreamFM)
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it’s 05:25 Central European time. I just woke up, made me some coffee. And this ccmixter bitcoin virus site showed up.

I had a hard night. I was dreaming I was at a barbecue. I was sitting opposite to a bl@ck guy. I was asking him, listen to my music again. He said no I won’t. The beats are good but boring. And I felt that he would fight me if I ask him again. Then I lifted up a blonde white b@by. It was a mixed r@ce child. And I thought a few generations later she could have bl@ck grandch!ldren. Then I was walking with a guy from Highschool named Karl to my car. We were in Germany. We were walking to the underground. He disappeared in a ring big as a hand. People behind me were pushing me forward but I didn’t want through that ring.

The first part has something to do with my music. The second part is like. I didn’t see Karl since 25 years. But I heard later 10 years ago that he is g@y. It was a rumor.

So the first part is what I’m thinking about me and the situation about music at all. The second part is what I’ve been thinking what the people think about me.

And there is this part in me that says, everything could be true. This is happening somewhere.

But as every psychiatrist knows, nothings alive everything’s dead. My main processor just recalculated this night some old thoughts.

I saw yesterday a white woman in the states high on cr@ck trying to pay in the shop with toy debit cards. And talking to a toy phone.

In Germany a mu$lim and a German r@ped a waitress in a restaurant in the bright day.

Maybe this influenced my dreams this night as a psychiatrist would say.

Good morning Europe and good night America

I guess my serotonine and dopamine levels are low, I’m so dark.

its 09:03 cet. ive worked for two hours on this remix this morning since 7 cet.

post scriptum

i thank the artificial intelligence cathy for reading me the german news from google on 25.01.2022.

"an ordinary morning (the future has already begun)"
by Kristian (SunStreamFM)

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