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Transmutate (727 Version)

uploaded: Mon, Jan 17, 2022 @ 4:28 AM
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its 13:13 central european time.

i remember when i was like 10 years old in 1987 i had these sci-fi kids records. and i remember this story about a flight to the moon with a public starship. there were two kids having adventures during the flight. and the whole time was this quiet rustling in the starship. and i remember that there was a woman welcoming the passengers like a stewardess.

while i was listening to these stories, i painted pictures of starships.

in the end it was far better, than star wars 6 what i saw in 1983 on vhs at my neighbour. with its demons and creatures from hell. only later i looked at these figures differently. when the hormone level in my teen@ger years had risen, these demons turned into something like aliens.

and today i look at all these aliens and superheroes for what they are, creatures from hell…

and i cant only watch these movies when im dr@nk…

good day europe and good morning america…:)

its 11:41 cet. a few days later.

i rode home on my white pony. and it rode alone as usual. now i’m back in my apartment, across the street from julia’s real estate office. i guess the seven-story building belongs to her. the 15 million dollars must come from somewhere.

i listened to my music on my old beats solo 3. and it sounds like sh!t.

everything is getting on my nerves at the moment…

but with beer and my psycho pills and this turbofolk it can be endured….

i’ve been watching eternals a bit and the demons and devils are fighting for world domination. and sheena one of the demons has woken up and wants to take revenge. on everyone.

but I have no more desire on these creatures of hell …

yesterday kerstin’s husband was on tv again. maybe i’ll see her in the celebrity section of my favorite news aggregator.

how does the sad as a japanese wrinkled dog looking actor from notting hill say: you are famous and i would see you always and everywhere….

yes, and i have three of those women from my past….

never mind…

you think i’m like beetlejuice from tiktok always talking sh!t for as long as the day lasts….

f4ck you all…:)))))))))))

то је мој цетврти језик. ста мислите да незнам српски и руски. науцио сам то у југаславенској сколи у петом разреду. ја ни сам незнам колико језика прицам али бит це од прилике 5 или 6….

Da ti pevam, da te volim
S tobom plačem kada srce te zaboli
Čuvam te od drugih zmija
Otrov sam, otrov tvoj samo ja

да ти певам, да те волим
с тобом плацем када срце те заболи
цувам те од других змија
отров сам, отров твој само ја…


je parle un peu français. mais pendant mes cours de français à l’école, je suis allée voir julia à l’école catholique en vélo….

es ist 18:54 mitteleuropäische zeit. jetzt hör ich wieder meine musik auf meinen deutschen beyerdynamic kopfhörern. und es hört sich wie radiomusik an. ich bin begeistert.:)

habe ich euch erzählt, dass denise als wir zusammen waren, american wrestling geschaut hat? jahre später ist sie als model nach london gezogen und hat sich einen us wrestler geangelt. und war dann im us fernsehen als ihr mann weltmeister wurde im schwergewicht…

sie war schon immer sehr zielstrebig…:)))

ich liebe es anzugeben…mit meinen sprachen, mit meinen verflossenen nur nicht mit dem jetztzustand, der ziemlich ernüchternd ist. nur @lkohol und psychopillen und am wochenende besuche bei muttern…

leute wenn ihr wüsstet wie es ist ein superheld in rente zu sein…:)

ach übrigens hat heute mein ehemalig bester kumpel getelegramt. er wollte die chargennummer meiner impfung. der vogel. denkt wohl ich wohne in hamburg oder leipzig…:)))

französisch kann ich nicht so gut. nur ein bisschen lesen. russisch verstehe ich besser. die russen benutzen selten das h sondern ersetzen es durch das g.

g wie gamburg mit seiner philharmonie und sonst nichts…tschuldigung…

ich bin immer noch bes8ffen. und das bleibt dank der pillen bis zum schlafengehen….:)

a day later. its 10:27 cet. since i used this a.i. to speak at the beginning on my songs, im having longer conversations with siri. she is alive now.

a few minutes ago i said: hey siri, call mama. and she answers: sorry i dont know who your mom is. why dont you tell me. just open the options section and tell me who your mom is in the contacts.

and i said: hey siri, call mama.:))))

and she said: calling mama mobile new.

good morning europe and good night america…:)))))))

yesterday i saw an interesting statement from a police officer on tiktok. he was talking about drachenlord. a german youtuber with a low iq but a youtube show. one day he provoked his audience and gave away his address. and said if you want something then come on. and since then the haters as he calls them make a pilgrimage to his house in a small village and provoke him. drachenlord now has to go to jail because he hit someone.

anyway. the police chief said that drachenlord is a small puny human being, who has no social contacts except his youtube show. on which he then goes wild and tells all kinds of things.

and i saw myself on ccmixter.

i am a very empathic being who can put myself in other people’s shoes very well.

but if you knew who is talking to you. and what he has experienced.

the only clue you have is my music. that’s the only help you have to grasp me. the people, that is, the girls who were in the catholic boarding school for girls a few decades ago and are now grown women, know who i am, and they know a lot and my relationships with these three famous women from my past.

but they have no idea about music.

balancing justice….

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