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Sleep Lightly on Christmas

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its 19:51 central european time. on christmas. im at my moms, 500 yards away from the european central bank and 600 yards away from the hospital i was born and where i dreamt the first time all alone in my life….

maybe im repeating myself with my music. but im flashed by this remix…

its 08:18 cet next morning. i enhanced some things on the track this morning.

since the subject is dreams, i want to tell you what i can remember from this night.

i dreamt that some people and cops were suspecting me that i was a murderer. because i did something in that way. i still process some things like my big fight on the good friday in 2012, i guess. and the memories of this incident are still bringing me much joy and enlightenement. but maybe something else is going on, too.

than i dreamt that i was in the backseat of a public bus and i was looking at some somekind of fantasy muscle cars overtaking the bus. driving backwards and the driver stood outside of the big muscle car truck (?) and was steering the wheel while the car was driving backwards as i said. whatever this means. the bus in which i was sitting was driving normally…

then i dreamt that i was in the hood mainpark at the river main in offenbach where i lived as a young boy. and then were a lot of oriental and north african (ar@b) gangsters appearing. and i left the place. and i passed the old kiosk there which was closed but the lights inside were on. and then i walked into a backyard to throw away my trash i was carrying. i was carrying some bags with me. and suddenly i was dirty with oil stains and wearing still a bag with groceries. and a collegue i know from my work i was working in the years 2015 until 2020 was showing up and she said: oh you are again so late coming home. its 1 pm. and i woke up.

and now let me explain to you this part of my last nights dreams. i was living in mainpark until 2006. then i moved into the northend in offenbach. in this time a deutschrapper established a new gang in the mainpark hood. and the hood lost its virginity. literally. he was becoming famous in whole germany and those gangsters were ruling the hood and becoming superstars of the 1044 years old town offenbach. at least in the streets. but i left the place before that happened. and now after the popularity that was made with universal musics money, the deutschrapper isnt gaining anymore clicks. he settled down in stuttgart and is opening oriental burger restaurants.

the oil stains. my father was a car mechanic. and was coming home late in the evening from work while i was coming from school at 1 pm in the days of my youth.

you see im still processing a lot of things in this second reality called dream world.

and now im thinking like: maybe i should overthink my thoughts about my dad. that he died too early after a succesfull life with a second with him unmarried wife, who stole all the money from him and sued him for that reason every second month and gave him like the cherry of the cake a cuckoos child he payed also a lot of money for. he figured it out when my “half sister” was raising up and was one foot taller than him. her mother is smaller than my dad…:). yes and not to forget his usury businesses he lost also a lot of money. so that nothing has left when he died…

yes but in my youth it was different…

Dreams are my reality
The only kind of real fantasy


good morning europe and good night america…

"Sleep Lightly on Christmas"
by Kristian

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