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Dominus dixit ad me (kris-tmas mix)

uploaded: Sat, Dec 18, 2021 @ 4:07 AM
byKristian (SunStreamFM)
FeaturingAdmiral Bob
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its 12:46 central european time. good day europe and good night america. i guess i missed the subject. my remix is not funky nor bluesy. but smooth.

another thing. i was sleeping this night a light disturbed sleep like it is normal if you get dr@nk asleep…

i dreamt as always. and everything i can remember from the night is this sunshiny place in a room somewhere at a table, a catholic monk, me drinking with him beer, while the monk was smiling and laughing and talking about his manifold sins…

and now im thinking like. was the monk me, was the monk someone else, am i dreaming the future, am i dreaming the past of a recurring life which is repeating ever and ever again. my life as a circle of birth and death…

or is my day just influenced by my dreams the night before…

you decide…

i have sometimes these dreams of the future, which i aint understand until they happen in reality…

so what kind of usage have i from these dreams? only that i could say im beautiful and that a possible girlfriend would wonder her @ss out while she was living with me…

i wasnt like that, before i became a schizophreniac. whatever this mental disorder means…

at least i can say, no matter with what mental problems you are bothering your therapist. you should know an animal is able to have them too…

besides my mental malady…:)

just ask your professor at the google university: can animals have schizophrenia?

thank you that i lightened up your day…:)

was just at my favorite news aggregator. and as we are at the subject: possible girlfriends. my second girlfriend in life, was a short relationship, just my first fck:) has got now a husband. as i figured out two years ago with my studies at the google university. neithertheless kerstins husband has today his last live saturday evening tv show candid camera on german television as the presenter…:)

and again…thank you again, that im enrichen up your life, with silly little stories of my life which i face every day. in my small little apartement 0.8 miles away from the megacomputers of the german meteorological service and 3 miles away from the 1.700 tons of gold from the bundesbank. and of course 3 miles away from the biggest internet access point in the world de cix. how should i reach you anyway? you people in this world…?:)

"Dominus dixit ad me (kris-tmas mix)"
by Kristian (SunStreamFM)

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