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Liberty Road (everday is like a holiday mix)

uploaded: Fri, Dec 3, 2021 @ 12:48 AM
byKristian (SunStreamFM)
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made this track in my apartement 100 miles away from the geographical center of the european union, since greatbritain left the party.

my data is already floating constantly through the biggest internet knot in the world de cix to the us of a…:) but i have to click the upload button to let the 320kbit mp3 go to de cix and then in the states…

its 09:47 central european time.

good morning europe and good night america…:)

i was just listening to my remix when i read this article on my favorite news aggregator. “day of the handicap: art from the soul” i just overflew it. some smart art professors are helping mental ill and mental disabled persons to express themselves in arts. and i saw this winning picture of this event. a crying woman in an explosion. painted with a ball pen. yes thats exactly what i would expect from my collegues the schizophreniacs. you should know an average schizophreniac is not taking or not enough taking his pills but lamenting about the voices and nightmares he sees and hears and about his hard life. dr bliss said as i was laughing once again about her patients: in germany everybodys got the right to fck up his life. we are not allowed to force them to take their pills…

oh yes. my main psychiatrist wasnt two days ago not in her praxis. so the chief psychiatrist examined me, while i was acting like a weak and ill person but strong enough to avoid any consequences to get my sick note as i do since 2 years. everyday is like a holiday.:)

and the chiefpsychiatrist said: so you was a decade ago the last time in the hospital. and i said yes…:) (was a desaster then, long story)

so what to say: its the handicap day. art from the soul…

can you hear in my remix the lorazepam?:)

and now im gonna go to the grocery sto to buy me some beer…

its not only that antipsychotics makes you sane and even more sane than a conspiration theorist, it hits you like a hammer with @lcohol…

this mix (pills and @lcohol) is called by me my daily round round up from monsanto, the weed and grass killer…

i really made a chilling remix…:)

by the way the art prize for mentally handicapped people is called euward. and the winning picture is a n@ked woman screaming in a napalm explosion. painted with a ball pen.

as a person with a handicap i made this track today on the international day of people with handicaps.

but i guess it runs out of contest. as the euward is already given away…

im so dr@nk:))) and i still gots one b33r…:)

by the way a chiefpsychiatrist isnt giving sicknotes for nothing. you have to lie and be at least as smart as he is, to convince him that you are worth 2 years of sick notes (and the money which comes with it). its like running on an edge. because if you are too ill in his eyes he refuses to give you the sick note but is recommending a hospitilization. and the other side, if he thinks that ones not ill than he sends one away. like my usual psychatrist does with refugees who want to clear their residence permits with a diagnosted mental illness. to stay in europe. and these mindreaders (psychiatrists) are sending them away. but this makes no difference. thanks to ww2 no refugee is sent back because of the lack of residence permits here in germany…:)

by the way nice track of mine and my collaborators…:)

happy international day of people with handicaps…:)))))))

"Liberty Road (everday is like a holiday mix)"
by Kristian (SunStreamFM)

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