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Certain Death (offenbach morning mix)

uploaded: Sun, Nov 28, 2021 @ 12:41 AM
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its 09:29 central european time. good morning europe and good night america.

i made this in my apartement 3 miles away from the treasure of germany. the 1.700 tons of gold in the bundesbank (the german fed bank). 1.5 miles away from the european central bank (the european fed bank). 0.8 miles away from the german meterological service (dwd) with their megacomputers for their satellites in space and their d├ępendance of the german military secret service (m.a.d.) half secret half exposed.:) and 4 miles away from the skyscrapers from the german and foreign banks. 2 blocks away from one of the many new big data centres here in town…

and now im sending this mp3 through my gigabit line to the biggest internet knot in the world (de-cix), 3 miles away from my apartement…

greetings from offenbach and frankfurt…

yes i know, in hamburg you got a famous red light district…:)))

yes i know, in berlin you got all the kebab restaurants…:)

but anyways…:)))


"Certain Death (offenbach morning mix)"
by Kristian

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