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uploaded: Thu, Sep 16, 2021 @ 10:32 PM
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made this on a ryzen 5, 16 gigs ram, 512 gigs ssd mini pc with a 10 years old sound interface and shabby beats solo 3 headphones…

but i was in a good mood this morning. my stocks had ryzen again to 12 thousands bucks…and i still dont have to go to work…ive got this gigabit line and i will buy myself some goldbeer and cigarettes and i will take my neuroleptics and my lorazepam which make me sane…at least more than an average qanon believer and corona denier…

i guess the sss is too harsh. i put a de esser on the track but ive should have put a de esser on the main bus, too…

but now im too lazy…

good morning europe and good night america…:)

by Kristian

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