Pollinators Secret Mixter In Progress


uploaded: Tue, Nov 3, 2020 @ 1:28 AM
byKristian (SunStreamFM)
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this was a song ive uploaded a few months ago when i was in a manic creativity modus. and the admins closed the opportunity to uplaod any more files. so im filling ccmixter with awesome music and they act like bookholders. but thats no problem. i am a tax accountant ( imade my final examination in 2009, i was already schizophreniac but germany is not le estados unidos, here in germany a schizophreniac gets an apartement with a gigabit line in a hood and 150.000 euros for an education as a taxaccountant in another state of germany:) so i know about bookholders. who are not into creativity by mindill persons. and thats the reason that im uploading it again. and i wanted the deletion of my account kris skybound because of the deletion of kristian vu… in 2011. but im not angry anymore…

i dont know if this description will have consequences for me. could be…:)

by Kristian (SunStreamFM)

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