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Halloween 2015 - Ghost in the corner.

uploaded: Wed, Sep 30, 2015 @ 7:21 PM
byDisaster of Music
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Of all the messed up things I’ve done, this one probably takes the cake.

Just wrote it in about 5 minutes and then recorded it.

Kind of creeped myself out….

There’s a ghost in the corner
And He’s staring at me
With two bright red eyes

That pierce like a siren
and he’s messing with me.
he says I will die.

As I try to fall asleep
every so often I take a peek
and he’s still there a lookin’
and I feel like bookin’ outta here.

There a ghost in the corner and he’s staring at me now.

He pulls out a hatchet
but here doesn’t come near me.
he takes the hatchet and chops off his own finger!
He asks me if I would like a bite!

He starts to come closer, his severed limb extended with a bloody dripping finger aimed squarely at my mouth.

He says this is payment for all the times I’ve ignored him in my sleep.

My god has he always been there?
Staring at me?

I don’t want to eat your finger!
I Don’t Want to eat your Finger!

Get it away from me you hideous abomination!


Happy Halloween!

"Halloween 2015 - Ghost in the corner."
by Disaster of Music

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