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The Real Life (Remix me Guitar)

uploaded: Thu, Oct 30, 2014 @ 9:28 PM last modified: Thu, Oct 30, 2014 @ 9:29 PM  (add)
byDisaster of Music
Featuringfourstones, victor
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I’ve been off the scene for a while…fourstones’ mix inspired me to write something ala the “Shat”.

As I was walking down the street I saw this dude, who was yelling at this old lady.
He was telling her that she was irresponsible in how she was spending her money, which I thought was rather peculiar.

I started to approach him and thought that maybe I should tell him that he should respect his elders or something like that. But then I noticed how old lady was holding her dead dog, that she had decided to have gold plated, and also had a large tattoo of Bob Newheart on her neck.
So I thought to myself: well maybe this kid knows what he’s talking about after all.

I asked him if he wanted to join me for breakfast at the sidewalk cafe next door and he told me to go fuck myself.

I went home, took off my clothes. And I did.

After about 39 hours of that, I decided that it was about time for me to go out to the club.
It’s been a long hard day and I deserved it.
Often times when I go to the club I wear this shirt that I can turn inside out that says different stuff depending on how I’m feeling. When I want to dance and want to attract attention I wear the side that says moneybags. When I want to be left alone, I wear the other side says outta cash.

One time while I was wearing the outta cash side, this super fine chick gave me a hundred dollar bill. I told her if she wanted sex it’d be another hundred. She gave me two hundred, and I had to do some stuff I’m not really too proud of.

Anyway, to get back on track, tonight I’m wearing the Moneybags side but walking with a limp.

It’s not hard work being me, but it feels like it.

People don’t realize the energy it takes to spend all your time not really talking about much of anything. Sometimes it works out absolutely fantastic. If I can really not reach out to people and they get it, then hey all my lack of work was for something, right?

I guess in the grand scheme of things none of this really matters, but when does anything.

So I guess in my finite experience, my best advice is to listen to others, do what they say sometimes, and remember if you’re wearing your shirt inside out.

"The Real Life (Remix me Guitar)"
by Disaster of Music

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