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Misc Voice Samples Pack 1

uploaded: Wed, Jan 30, 2013 @ 12:49 PM last modified: Wed, Jan 30, 2013 @ 1:31 PM  (add)
byDisaster of Music
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This is a pack of misc. Dry-voice spoken word samples. I hope you can find them of use in your mixes.

There are also several new “Morbius” samples in this pack if you use those….

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /944mm of rain.mp3 (476.73KB)
  • /Announcer _ Today's News Broadcast.mp3 (197.35KB)
  • /Announcer _ Wiggle Your Toes.mp3 (190.79KB)
  • /Competition Stereo Wagon.mp3 (179.54KB)
  • /Ere.mp3 (23.91KB)
  • /Gets me Excited.mp3 (99.85KB)
  • /Great big Zoom.mp3 (135.48KB)
  • /Homonogized Normalized and Regular.mp3 (168.29KB)
  • /I Love the ride.mp3 (136.41KB)
  • /I Want my Music.mp3 (94.23KB)
  • /Lack of Money.mp3 (143.47KB)
  • /Lights Music Action.mp3 (179.54KB)
  • /Mixdown Battle.mp3 (125.66KB)
  • /Morbius _ 24 Years Old.mp3 (228.79KB)
  • /Morbius _ Appendicitis.mp3 (239.54KB)
  • /Morbius _ Free love sexual cult.mp3 (166.41KB)
  • /Morbius _ Giant Step Forward.mp3 (181.41KB)
  • /Morbius _ Great Feeling isnt it.mp3 (188.91KB)
  • /Morbius _ The sounds swirling around your head.mp3 (184.23KB)
  • /Morbius _ Very Exciting.mp3 (218.91KB)
  • /Morbius _ You Show Me Yours.mp3 (160.79KB)
  • /Smooth Sounds.mp3 (202.98KB)
  • /Take a stand.mp3 (229.23KB)
  • /The Listeners of the Following Work.mp3 (378.29KB)
  • /Three Score Years and Ten.mp3 (291.10KB)
  • /Todays Sounds Brought to you by.mp3 (149.54KB)
  • /Woah there Charlie.mp3 (105.48KB)

"Misc Voice Samples Pack 1"
by Disaster of Music

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Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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